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Effects of Mass Media in Fahrenheit 451

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Sanjay Ravindra

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Effects of Mass Media in Fahrenheit 451

Quotes (1)
Granger nodded. "They're faking. You threw them off at the river. They can't admit it...So they're sniffing for a scapegoat to end things with a bang" (141).
Quotes (2)
"The people who had been sitting a moment before, tapping their feet to the rhythm of Denham’s Dentifrice, Denham’s Dandy Dental Detergent, Denham’s Dentifrice Dentifrice Dentifrice, one two, one two three, one two, one two three. The people whose mouths had been faintly twitching the words Dentifrice Dentifrice Dentifrice" (75).
Application to Real Life
Mass media is used in our lives just as it is in
Fahrenheit 451
. Every day when we use the internet, TV, books, etc. we are using mass media. In many countries it is used to control people like it is in the novel. An example of this is in Russia, where news channels were found to be lying to viewers about the situation in Ukraine. This is concerning because it makes the world of
Fahrenheit 451
not seem so far-fetched. However, mass media is also a good thing as it allows us easy access to information and entertainment at a rate that was never possible before.
Discussion Questions

How does mass media affect us today?

What is good about mass media and what is bad?
Mass media are forms of media that reach a wide audience, such as television, radio, and books. Throughout Ray Bradbury's novel
Fahrenheit 451
, mass media are used to control the thoughts and actions of the populace. It is an important theme in the text because it is one of the catalysts that cause Guy Montag to alter his worldview.
Effects of Mass Media in
Fahrenheit 451

Sanjay Ravindra, Jon Kaus, and Rebecca Ambler
One of the most important symbols of the effects of mass media throughout the novel is the TV. Using it, the government can deliver news and entertainment to the public. As they control all the channels, nobody sees anything that those in power do not want them to see. This is the main reason that few people attempt to change the status quo of society. Since nobody knows anything else, they are perfectly content to live in a society filled with conformity, censorship, and death.
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