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What animals lived in the ice age?

this is for my IRT

Dylan Jenkin

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of What animals lived in the ice age?

What Animals lived in the Ice Age? Information Report Narrative Book Review What is my fine arts? Bibliography Learning Logs We are starting our IRT today and i feel nervous and excited at the same time. for my IRT i think i might do evolution and my question is what are giant marsupials? i think IRT will be fun but hard. also i might go to the museum and might organize a interview with someone with experience in that area. for my fine arts i might do a film of me pretending to be a animal documentary of giant marsupials i will probably call it Dylan's guide to giant marsupials and it will be filmed in the museum hopefully. 18/7/12 Thanks for watching my IRT

Any Questions? THE END from tomorrow I will have one week left to remember most of my script and finish everything because on a week after tomorrow I will be presenting my IRT and I am annoyed because I am not as confident as I use to be about this. I have done now my information report, narrative, book review, chosen the part from my book that I will read to the audience, fine arts page and fine arts, bibliography, my learning log entry's, most of my prezi is done I am happy with that and my script I am worried about the script because I fell like I am going to stuff up on the day or get lost but I am struggling a lot just with typing it up but it will hopefully be OK. 10/9/12
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