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xErp v 2.2.0 en

No description


on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of xErp v 2.2.0 en

La Base - Version 2.2.0 New features 1. Export from a Costing to an order (GP)
Business rules
Small user guide
2. User access rights management (ALL)
3. Automatic integration of forwarder data (LOGISTIC)
4. Corrections & optimisations (ALL)
Export from a Costing to an order – Business rules Automatic creation of the order from the Costing : one costing sheet = one customer order form
Copy and Freeze the exported Costing sheets
When exported, currency rates and costing logistic model used to calculate exported sheets are frozen to the one used on the day of the order
For 30 days, order is updated (prices, qcs, tests, shipments, deliveries, …) by updating, calulating and reexporting the linked Costing to the existing order
Then prices and quantities are frozen ; qcs, tests, shipments and deliveries can be updated and prices changes will be count in the 6% security
Export from a Costing to an order – Small User guide Sales is doing passation with the GP, check the calculated prices and select the Costing to export into customer order form
So GP opens a sales validated Costing and click on Export to run the order creation wizard Export from a Costing to an order – Mandatory checks Costing must be up-to-date : calculated with the daily currency rate and calculation model, else no export possible
Existing product reference, with available status
Existing product reference, with available status for sets order management
Existing (and not blacklisted) supplier
At least one selected Costing sheet
Please enter customer order form reference as the Costing sheet name if you have it Export from a Costing to an order – End of export User access rights Changes in the user access rights management to secure our data
No more access to La Base for QA
Buyers in China have just access to supplier orders forms and quotations
More accurate management of the access to each feature Corrections & optimisations Costing
Alert when more than 13m³ LCL
Calculation speed optimisation
Correction of the copy paste bug, from a DDP Costing sheet to a FOB Costing sheet
Correction of calculation bugs in some cases of multi-deliveries and in the Qcs management
Correction of printing bug in the comparator
Various corrections in the printing (sorting, set management, product prictures printing, …)
Correction in the automatic Sercura inspection booking (especially when booking a different factory)
Add new statistics columns in the delivery follow up
Automatic integration of forwarder data 1/3 User interface enabling to check easier and faster way forwarder data. Ecran de base. Automatic integration of forwarder data 2/3 Search options :
By dates.
By places.
By supplier.
By container reference. To validate :
Select the matching product (1).
Validate the line (2).
Save. Automatic integration of forwarder data 3/3 When cliking on Terminate, data are checked and the order is created and opened
A copy of the exported Costing sheets is created for memory, not updatable and with the name of the sheet with EXPORT before
Project is automatically closed
During 30 days, open the project and update your Costing sheet (using the currency rate and costing model from the day of the order) then reexport to replace the EXPORT sheet and keep only the one from last export.
After 30 days, prices and quantity cannot be changed and just qcs, tests, shipments and deliveries can be added (included in the 6% security)
You can open the order linked to a project, and the Costing sheet linked to an order
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