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Abstract Writing Tutorial for Young People

No description

Tung Bui

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Abstract Writing Tutorial for Young People

useful hints and tips for young people the journey of abstract writing and finally..... 1) Background(s) -reasons? issues or gaps to address?
2) Method(s) target audience? ways and means of conduct and analysis?
3) Result(s)- key findings? data highlights?
4) Conclusion(s)- the impact? potential follow up steps? recommendations?
5) Lessons-learned -Lessons ? mistakes? areas for improvement? successes or achievements? start your abstract now SOME MORE GUIDANCE ON TEMPLATES....
Can usually be found on the website of the Conference you are submitting your abstract to.

The title of your abstract is super important- it needs to be able to catch the reviewers attention!

If there is a word limit, be sure to cover each aspect of the project and pay attention to discussing your results!

and, if your results are qualitative, discuss how the results are transferable to policy or program work, or how else this data may be useful! for more information please go to
www.youthvoicescount.org WHY Should Young People Develop Abstracts? A good way to summarize the results of your research study or project Convenient means to share the key findings to communities, colleagues and stakeholders Best chance to win a scholarship to represent young people's voice in important conferences and other relevant events Most Importantly, Abstract writing is not as hard as you think!!!! WHAT Should You Bear In Mind
developing an abstract? THINK ABOUT YOUR PROJECT Note 2 or 3 key things you think others would like to know Highlight lessons learned Sell the success or achievements Emphasize what makes your project or study unique AND special FOCUS ON YOUR ABSTRACT 1) Stick to the word limit 3) Use recommended heading the templates 5) Share with colleagues and other supporters for feedback BUT DO NOT... forget to make your abstract stand out from others by highlighting what is unique about your work and the impact! let limited English language skills stop you from writing abstracts stop looking for support REMEMBER .... DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP! TEMPLATES
different conferences may use different templates NEXT WILL BE
FOR 2 POPULAR TYPES OF ABSTRACT get feedback and good luck!

the young people are counting
on you.. Discuss the challenges, or what you could have done differently 2) Be careful not to use jargon 4) Are there any authors or co-authors of the study that you should acknowledge? It is important to

think of key words to use and how they will match the Track, Theme or Sub Theme you are submitting to
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