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Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses and I decided to make a Prezi for a school project about her.

Jaskiran Virdy

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Claire Deschanel is an American actress, musician, singer and songwriter. She was born on January 17, 1980 (age 33) in Los Angeles, California. People know her for her dark hair with bangs and big blue eyes. Her father, Caleb Deschanel is an Academy Award - nominated cinematographer and director and her mother, Mary Jo Deschanel is an actress. Zooey has an older sister, Emily Deschanel who is also an an actress and stars in a TV series Bones. Her ancestors roots include French and Irish. Zooey has won many awards like Best actress, Favourite actress, and Best Comedy Actress awards.
Early Life
When Zooey was young, she lived in Los Angeles. She spent most of her childhood traveling around the world with her father because he shot short films. She had to keep moving to different schools and was constantly leaving her friends. She later got tired of traveling and stopped. A few years later, she attended a Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica. There she became friends with future co-stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson. Zooey sang throughout high school hoping to one day become a broadway singer and pursue in a musical career. She attended Northwestern University but later dropping out to work as an actress.
Acting Career
Zooey Deschanel's first acting job was as Little Red Riding Hood. She then appeared in a television series "Veronica's Closet" in 1999. She became famous from the movie Almost Famous in 2001. She then took off to be an successful actress and later had roles in movies like 500 Days of Summer and a new sitcom released in 2011 called "New Girl" where she is the main character; Jessica Day. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe, Grammy and Emmy award from the new and successful show. She even voice acted in The Simpsons as Cletus' daughter and was featured in an iPhone 4S commercial. Zooey also was in the movie Bridge to Teribethia as the music teacher.
Music Career
Zooey Deschanel sung in many movies and TV shows that she starred in like 500 Days of Summer, Elf etc. In 2001, she formed an act called "If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies" and performed around Los Angeles. Zooey can play the keyboard, percussion, banjo and the ukelele. She also sung in a Disney-produced musical called "Once Apon a Matress". On May 2006, Zooey joined a duo with M. Ward; a songwriter. They called the duo She & Him. They released their first album on March 18, 2008 and are currently working on their fourth album.
Personal Life
In December 2008, Zooey got engaged to a musician, Ben Gibbard. They got married on September 19, 2009 near Seattle, Washington. On November 1st 2011, the couple announced their seperation and on December 27, 2012, they finalized their divorce.
By: Jaskiran Virdy SJ7
Zooey is allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat and gluten.
Zooey Deschanel looks a lot like Katy Perry and has been mistaken for her many times.
Fun Facts!
A lot of people cannot recognize her without her bangs.
What Zooey Do To Help The Community?
Zooey Deschanel has done many things to make the world a better place such as supporting charities like Alliance For Children's Rights, Clothes Off Our Back, J/P Haitian Relief Organization and many more. But the one that stood out for me was to help young girls who were being cyber bullied become happier. This wasnt an organization or a charity.
The contibution was to help young girls who were being cyber bullied become happier. She taught young girls to become stronger, feel better about themselfs and stand up for themselfs.
The place where the contribution was made was in no particular place. It was made from the TV series New Girl where she is the main character Jessica Day.

I think the possible reason for Zooey to contribute to this was because maybe when she was younger, she used to be made fun of or was bullied and that made her feel bad about herself. She probably had no celebrity to that had the same problem and could look up to as her role model. Thats why she made the decision of being a role model to other young girls around the world.

2. State the place where the contribution was made and possible reason for the superstar choosing that place.
3. What was the contribution?
4. How benifitial was it?
This contribution was very helpful for people around the world. Many young girls - including myself were cracking with laughter and created a better place for all of us. Also, girls became more self confident and became happier.
1. How famous is this person?
Zooey Deschanel is not as famous as Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus but will still be recognized by many people and fans.
2. How can a community benifit from this contribution?
A community can benefit from this contribution because many young fans around the world will be filled with daily laughter and will have a strong and talented role model to look up to.
3. What does it mean to gain recognition?
Gaining recognition is to acknowledge something or to become recognized.
4. How can the community in returm be able to help other communities?
The community in return can help other communities by telling them about Zooey Deschanel and her new show and spread the word around that she has helped a lot of people. That way even more people will be happy and overall; the world will be a better place.
Who does Zooey Deschanel look a lot like?
What is Zooeys Duo called?
What is Zooey allergic to?
Where was Zooey born?
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