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YDL-Social Media Activism

Randa Ayoub, Deena Davis, Kiarra McCain, Pashell Johnson, Quintin Walker

Pashell Johnson

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of YDL-Social Media Activism

Youth, Social Media & Activism
What Social Media?
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter
are battling for relevance among
teens & young adults.
Gardner, H. The App Generation
Program Application Tips
How do youth use social media for Activism?
TakeItMobile.org- Youth conducted Online Survey

Share their message globally, mobilize protests, fund raise, educate their peers and spread solidarity.
Teens-2nd largest group using mobile devices for activism.
Conclusion: government and policy makers need to recognize the potential of mobile technology to empower youth to create social change in their communities.
Apps = interests, habits, social connections for identity.
Express different aspects of their personality.
Practice building relationships, intimacy
Imagination; create, produce, explore
Identity, Intimacy, Imagination

Youth can manipulate social media to highlight parts of their life...
"Seeing stuff like that on Facebook, I just freeze. I don't know what to do, so I just keep scrolling" - Student Interview
10 Tools/Resources/Tips to share with young people

1. Ask! - Learn where your young people stand
2. Do! - www.dosomething.org
3. Discuss! - Current Issues
4. Speak Up! - Teach them Activism
5. Practice! - Using your Voice
6. Expose! – Show them all forms of Social Media
7. Teach!-Social Media Policies
8. Learn! Know your rights
9. Share!-Film Your Issue / Tinder App
10. Reflect!
Police Brutality
What's Your Issue?
What's Your Issue Foundation gives youth a national platform to voice their concerns on global issues impacting society.
Film Your Issue
Competition created to allow youth the chance to address major social issues in the world by submitting a 3-minute short film. Finalists are selected based on how they incorporate their message in a media presentation with the most impact to the viewer
How a Prostitute is Born
2007 Winner
Eightytwenty launched campaign to raise awareness on sex trafficing using the online dating app "Tinder."
The physical scars of sex trafficking eventually fade. The mental scars last a lifetime.
Girls as young as 14 years old are trafficked for sexual exploitation
- "Cyberbullying"

- Facebook vs. Twitter
"It's not about Race... Or is it?
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