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Alternative Solutions to War

2013/2014 Tech Challenge

Clara Coffey

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Alternative Solutions to War

How wars are started
The first way a war can be started is bargaining failure. Bargaining failure is when either one country profits more by going to war or it is easier to get money or weapons by going to war.
The United Nations
The United Nations, or the UN, is an international society that promotes international peace. It was founded on October 24, 1945.
The U.N is divided into several sections one of them being the Security Council. It consists out of 15 members; each of them from a different country. The security council's job is to stop violence as soon as it starts. They are constantly on the look out and as soon as a problem is spotted they will meet. They will think of all possible peaceful solutions. If all peaceful solutions fail and it leads to war the security council may send in peacekeepers.
The security council of the UN has the primary responsibility of maintaining international peace.
They are constantly on the look out for international problems, and whenever they find one, they will meet.
At their meetings, they will consider all possible peaceful solutions and go to action.
If the problem leads to war, the security council will send in peacekeepers.
Peacekeepers help break up the conflict and help countries make the early transition from conflict to peace.
The United Nations help countries maintain peace.
Many people are leaders in non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi once said "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier that the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man."
War can cause many horrible things. Here is one story of disaster.
In Britain, all teens are able to join the army at 15 years and 9 months. Many teens make this decision because army promises them a higher education such as college.
Wars do not have to happen, however. There are many peaceful alternatives.
One way a war can be avoided is to stop gun dealers and illegal gun dealers from selling guns. You can do this by taking them to court or shutting down there business.
The second way a war is started is religiously caused. It is caused when one religion wants more people so they kill the other religion or they blacken the other sides name enraging the other side causing the other side to fight back.
Unneeded Wars
One war that could of been avoided was
World War II.
Many historians believe that the causes of World War II trace back to World War I.
In World War I, Germany had lost over a sixth of their territory and had to pay huge reparations. Therefore they were angry. This was one of the main causes of World War II.
Another cause, was that the great depression was happening.
Another way to start a war is revenge. Revenge happens when one leader thinks that another leader has done something bad or wrong and then retaliates.
A second way to stop war is to help in peaceful uprisings in that country. You can also help the civilians in that country by giving food and water.
A third way to stop a war is to have the government convince their enemy that it isn't worth it.
During the war for the majority of the war Germany was winning. They first invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia and then Germany started invading places like Poland.
The United States didn't join the war until much later in the war.
The United States didn't join into the war until much later.
The United States didn't join
the war until much later.
Another way to stop a war is to
to call a security council with the U.N.
On May 17, 1945, Germany surrendered ending the war in Europe. Later, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, and Japan then surrendered on August 14,1945.
World War two caused lots of damage and many people's lives were lost. If certain things could be changed it would not be so bad.
Now to wars that could have been avoided
Now to wars that could have been avoided.
First of all, the league of Nation's could of done better. For example
One thing that might of solved World
War II before it started was if the Policy Of Appeasement wasn't counter productive.
Neville Chamberlain, the creator of the Policy of Appeasement, miscalculated that Germany would not go to war over Poland with the allies. Also, when he gave into Hitler's plans, Hitler was emboldened.
Two brothers were separated by war. One fought for the government, the other for the rebels. They fought for around 22 years. But they knew they were fighting against each other. They found each other in a camp for the former guerrillas.
Another thing that could have helped solved World War II before it started was if Gustav Stresman wouldn't of died. He was the leader of the Weimar Republic and without him they dispersed.
If Gustav would have lived, the Weimar
Republic might have been able to lead
Germany out of The Great Depression
which was one of the main causes
of the war.
Finally, the League of Nations could
have done better.
For example, during the Italian invasion of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), Italy wanted to
conquer Abyssinia against the backdrop of a failed invasion. Italy's plan was to exploit Abyssinia from resources.
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When the League of Nations didn't do anything it made them look weak and emboldened Hitler because he now knew that if he broke the Treaty of Versailes the League of Nations wouldn't do anything.
Another cause was that right as
World War II was about to
happen, The Great Depression
was happening.
Dakota wanted to do this project because he felt that there must be other non-violent ways to solve problems. He wanted to see what they were.
Clara wanted to do this project because she had heard many sad stories caused by war. She was against war and wanted to find alternative solutions.
by Clara Coffey and Dakota Augenstein
Peaceful Alternatives to War
UN peacekeepers
Mahatama Gandhi
What they do not know is that they will not receive this education for twelve years of active service. Many teens don't wish to wait that long.
They attempt suicide, take drugs, or even break their own limbs to get out. War causes so many horrible things.
The League of Nations didn't do anything and so this made them look weak. Hitler then knew that if he broke the Treaty of Versailles the League of Nations wouldn't do anything.
World War II was an unnecessary war.

Wars can also cause separation.
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