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Munich And Allied Bombings Relation to Book Thief

No description

Minahil 199

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Munich And Allied Bombings Relation to Book Thief

3rd largest city in Germany
Molching is the fictional town located just outside of Munich
Munich is the birthplace of Hitler's legacy
Munich Street
Allied Bombings
Technology Issues
advances in air craft happened quickly between the two world wars
“That aim is the destruction of German cities, the killing of German workers and the disruption of civilized community life throughout Germany... they are not by-products of attempts to hit factories.”
Sir Arthur Harris, 25 October 1943, quoted in Greenhous et al., p. 725.
Many times the bombing were not successful
Difficult to navigate location at night
Hitler's Legacy
Hitler's party first got popular in Munich
Dachau was 10 miles away from Munich
The Bavarian capital of Munich held a special place in the Nazi pantheon ... it was the "Hauptstadt der Bewegung" - the Capital of the Movement - the birthplace of the Nazi Party.
Munich's Relation to The Book Thief
By: Minahil Khan
burning books was similar to what occurred in Munich and other parts of Germany
Prisoners walking to Dachau must pass Munich Street
"It happened in a small town of Hitler's heartland. "(Zusak 80)

Believed to be the offensive theory to winning the war
Wasn't used by Allies at first but after Germany began to use them so did the Allies
Winston Churchill believed it to be the only way
RAF Bomber Command had dropped nearly one million tons of bombs in the course of 390,000 operations
" The bomber always gets through," Stanely Baldwin
"The bombs came down, and soon, the clouds would bake and the cold raindrops would turn into ash. Hot snowflakes would shower the ground. In short, Himmel Street was flattened." (Zusak 498)

Allied Bombings Relation To
The Book Thief
Technology's Relations to
The Book Thief
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No one wanted to
bomb Himmel Street.
No one would bomb a
place named after
heaven, would they?
Would they? (Zusak 497-498)
Some bombings done to places were just tragic miscalculations, nothing else.
Nazism In Muinch
Munich being the birthplace of the Nazi party made it an obvious place where Nazism was popular
Hitler was popular in Germany with most people
Nazism in
The Book Thief
"When a Jew shows up at your place of residence in the early hours of the morning, in the very birthplace of Nazism, you're likely to experience extreme levels of discomfort. Anxiety, disbelief, paranoia." (Zusak 33)
"If you walked into her shop and didn’t say ‘heil hitler,’ you wouldn’t be served" (Zusak 49-50)

In Conclusion...
Markus Zusak has said that he has gotten inspiration for some events that occured in T
he Book Thief
from his parents stories of Munich in WWII
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