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Proposal to Wikimedia DevCamp Bangalore Nov 2012 - Vaccaro

Amie Vaccaro

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Wikipeople

A world of people WikiPeople Why WikiPeople? Core Values
Open Source
Neutral / Trusted Content (Cited, reviewed, vetted)
Accessible / mobile
Participatory What would it look like? Headshot
First, middle, last name
Date of birth - [death]
Location of birth
Current residence
Early life
Education/school history
Work history
Where to source data? Wikimedia Foundation Projects
Wikipedia articles
Commons images/video
Community contributions (code, content, etc)
Others Next steps Define views (standard vs. logged in/your page)
Define status options
who wrote/edited/reviewed the page?
how credible is it?
Outline top use cases
Define standard tags
Consider privacy implications
Determine value to Wikimedia community WikiPeople Opportunities Wiki Challenges Notability barrier
Low ratio of editors to viewers
Increase participation across Wiki projects
People data exists across Wikimedia projects
Dime a dozen competitors scrape and resell people data
Level the field, globally
Lower threshold for new content
Encourage participation (e.g. claim your page)
Unify and simplify Wiki information around a person
Provide benevolent, accessible database of people Basic WikiPeople Information Life story / personality (e.g. biographical elements)
Social handle (e.g. LinkedIn/Facebook URL, Twitter handle)
Website (e.g. blog, company website, portfolio)
Related links
Relationships/family tree Optional WikiPeople elements External Sources
Open source contributions (Git repository, etc)
Social data (Twitter handle, public contact info (restricted access) Design workflows including:
Create new WikiPeople pages
Claim your page
Edit and review process
Design standard page layout, considering
community member / user,
Design standard plug in layout for external sources
e.g. feeds from Twitter, Git, RSS, etc
Definitions & considerations Design for top use cases Questions? Thank you! VS Others Proprietary - LinkedIn, Facebook, et al own the data
Fragmented - in-country strength vs global standard
Untrusted - paid third party sources
Biased - profile subject as author It will look similar to Wikipedia biography
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