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Famous Robots

Images and video gathered from the web of well known robots. Some are fictional and some are real robots used to pefrom a variety of tasks.

Jolene Arnold

on 23 May 2012

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Transcript of Famous Robots

...to clean the floor--it's a vacuum iRobot and KUKA are both
manufactures of robots.
The KUKA robots are used
in industry and the iRobot Roomba is used to....? Real life robots Robots from film and TV Do you know the names of these
robots or what movies they were in?
What did they do? How realistic
are their jobs? 4-H Tech Wizards http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-tech-wizards-video http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-profile-luis-video Learn about Luis and what he did with the Tech Wizards project in Oregon. Meet some robots! What can the Lego Mindstorms do? What do you want it to do? What did these robots
do? How do you think
they did it? What other real or fictional
robots can you think of? What's different and what's the same about these robots? Festo SmartBird German engineers have also created some flying robots! Meet the Boston Dynamics Cheetah What other robots are out there? DEFENSE HEALTH CARE HOME INDUSTRY Toyota has developed several types of medical robotic devices including this one to assist with balance and walking. What do we do? meet after at school
First Lego League
Summer events
Robotics Rally http://firstlegoleague.org/challenge/2012seniorsolutions Food Factor FLL
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