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Police Brutality

No description

Aidan Corsi

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Police Brutality

Police Brutality Taser Excessive Force Racism Corruption Baton The X26 taser is a standard police force weapon used 45 countrys around the world Weapons The next things you see are real pictures of brutality Officer Salavatore Rivieri has a 13 year old boy in a head lock for calling him a "dude". This is a 12 year old boy who got his arm broken by a police officer because he stole something and you can see that he has a restraint in his mouth from talking The deffintion of police brutality is the intentional use of excessive force, usually physical, but potentially also in the form of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer. Tupac Shakur was j-walking in oakland and the police beat him up. For j-walking? 50 000 volts I hope this has shown you how bad police brutality is and its a very big issue and we need to have peace in the police force The end
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