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Flag for project

Eric Lenhart

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Flag

Japan come at me bro Typhoons are just like hurricanes and their
damage is the same. The season for typhoons
is winter, which is like our summer. It rains
hard for most of the winter season. On some
islands, the weather is mild and on on others,
the weather is extreme. Japanese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in Japan. It happens on the 1st of January, the same as the rest of the world. During the first few days of the holiday, you will see all the shops closed up tight and the streets are deserted. The Shinto Shrine is the only place you'll find busy on New Year's. Many people on the night of December 31st go to a Buddhist Temple to hear the 108 bongs of the bell, which are supposed to drive off the 108 sins of the people. Mt. Fuji is 12,389 ft. tall. It is an active
stratovolcano that last erupted in
1707-08. It's 62 miles southwest of
Tokyo. It is one of Japans "Three Holy
Mountains." There are many volcanoes in Japan.
Japan has 85 active volcanoes.
Most of the volcanoes in Japan are strato
and are near populated areas. Their breakfast is eaten at a kotatsu =table.
They study music, art, social studies, math, calligraphy, and Japanese.
They clean the classroom.
They eat squid stew with quail's eggs.
They take off their shoes before entering their home. Sumo wrestling was a ritual 2000 years ago.
Sumo wrestlers train after high school.
Men eat 3000-3500 calories.
Sumo wrestlers eat 20,000 calories.
Sumo wrestling is played in other countries around the world. The bullet Train is a high speed train
in a network of railway lines connecting
major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. Sushi is one of the main foods that Japanese
people eat. It consists of cooked vinegared
rice combined with other ingredients such as
raw fish or other seafood. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.
It is located at 35N and 139E.
Tokyo was previously known as Edo.
It was renamed Tokyo in 1867.
The population of Tokyo is aproxamitley 13 million. Demographics
Goverment Constitutional monarchy
Head of Goverment Prime minister
Total population 127,368,088
GDP/capita $35,200
Literacy rate 99% men and women
Life expectancy 79 male 86 female
Official lauguage Japanese
Major religions Shintoism, Buddhism
Currency yen
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