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Business Presentation

No description

Laura C

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Business Presentation

What happens in the Global TEAM Café ?
The Global Team CAFE
What do teams achieve in the Global Team CAFE?
Work around potential issues of remote working
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Diagnostic assessment
How is it unique?
Next Steps
Global Team CAFE
A virtual space where global teams come together to share, engage, perform and grow.
Teams connect
Interact on a deeper level
Develop a global mindset
Use a process that enables this
Establish relationships
Determine what success looks like
Clarify objectives, scope
and ways of working
Design learning
and assessment
Team on-boarding
and commitment
Customised programme
Focus on real-time issues
Unique team collaboration profile
Conducted over chosen video-conferencing platform
Regular reviews with Team Leader
to track progress & provide support
Return on investment
Even better if
How do we take this forward
Compensate for lack of visual cues
Use the power of imagery
Invest time in informal conversations
Ask for help
Experience more
Decide the business outcomes you need
Outline the behaviours you want to see more of
Identify sponsor
Co-create, with us, the perfect programme for your team
1. Do you have a geographically dispersed team?
3. Could better collaboration lead to enhanced results?
Behavioural & communication profiling
Review dashboard & development focus
Benchmark against world-class
standards in team effectiveness
Coaching and observing
Dynamic virtual space
Cutting edge tools
Focus on joy and fun
Stimulating yet safe
Professionally facilitated
Building trust-based
Links Process and Space
2. Does your team ever fall short on performance targets?
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