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Xooma Compensation

No description

Erick Stinger

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Xooma Compensation

Xooma Compensation
7 Ways to Win

Cash Back Bonus
The Cash Back Bonus is designed to help you break even in your first month of business. This is the quickest way to start earning with Xooma.

All you need to do is buy a designated cash back pack and sponsor new sign ups with a cash back pack and you can earn the designated cash back for your package.
Rapid Rewards Bonus
The Rapid Rewards is designed to help you to create residual income and maintain your business.

To Qualify for the rapid rewards you need to maintain a 100 RR (rapid rewards order) and sponsor 4 people to do the same. (2 on the right side 2 on the Left).

Since 2005 Xooma Worldwide has been dedicated to marrying a fantastic product ,X20, with a unique compensation structure.

We believe that a true opportunity would help bridge physical health and financial freedom creating "Wellth" (Health + Financial independence)
What is Network Marketing
Network Marketing or Direct Sales is really generating commission through product recommendations. And teaching and training other people to do the same.
Level 1 &2
Rapid rewards
The Rapid rewards is a bonus that pays over and above other commissions in Xooma. The first level is comprised of your four directly sponsored members.

The Second Level consists of helping each of your personally sponsored members reach out to thier own four. This will give you a combined rapid rewards of $320 monthly.
To Learn more about Cash back packages you can watch this piece by our Vice President of Marketing Ken Marsh.
Cash Back Packs
Dual Team Compensation
The Dual Team compensation plan is designed to help cultivate working and building as a team. This is the one income stream everyone has an opportunity to participate in and to see the power of team work.
In the Dual Team facet of the compensation plan you really need to have balance.

But generally you are working to trigger cycles. The Cycles in Xooma are 160 PV on both your left side and right and they generate a payout based on your qualifications. The great news is that all Volume counts towards the Dual Team plan.
Dual Team
Dual Team
To Learn more about the Dual Team plan please visit xooma.com and here is a Video from our Vice-president of Marketing Ken Marsh.
Executive Matching Bonus
The Xooma matching bonus is really geared to help you continue to sponsor new members into the business.

As you grow and your organization grows, Xooma wants to reward people who are helping spread the word about Xooma and really duplicating. Once you hit the range of International Marketing Representative you begin to earn the Executive Pay Match

The Executive Match allows you to earn 25% on each of your personally sponsored members! There is no limit to the number of personally sponsored members you can introduce to Xooma.
The Executive matching bonus also acts as a safety net. In building an organization you never know who you introduce to Xooma, and what they will do with the opportunity once they see it. So the pay match allows you to earn commissions on your personally sponsored members regardless of where they may be in your oprganization!
Executive Matching Bonus
Generational Bonus
Once your organization really starts to duplicate you will probably notice that there are a lot of people who you may not personally know but who are a part of your team through someone you brought on board. So while these new members may be deep in your organization you can still earn on their purchases.

The Generational Bonus is another way to really see growth in your own earnings! The generational bonus is a way we are able to payout an additional 10% on your personal sponsorship volume.
Generational Bonus
To learn more about the generational bonus click on the link below to watch a video from our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ken Marsh.
Luxury Car Bonus
Xooma's Luxury Car bonus is another Income stream that allows you to earn a monthly bonus check over and above your group commissions.

Once your monthly Sponsor Group Volume reaches 75,000* in Qualifying Volume.
To learn more about the Executive matching bonus you can watch the Video from Ken Marsh
Executive Matching Bonus
Rapid Rewards
To learn even more about this income stream simply click on the Video.
Leadership Bonus Pool
The Company sets aside 2% of company wide profits to be split between the leaders to help the help others build their businesses and develop larger organizations

Leadership Bonus Pool
Get Started today.
Is there always more month than money? Would you just like to have income outside of your Job? Do you want to build a dynamic financial safety net?

These are all great reasons that all of our members enjoy better a stronger financial outlook sharing something good with the people they know love and care about.
Getting Started
Get in contact with the person who shared this presentation with you and learn more about our products and the opportunity that is poised to help people generate financial solutions for their lives by Just adding water!
To begin we recommend printing out a copy of the compensation plan and income examples from our website.

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