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southeast asia

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hannah comeaux

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of southeast asia

southeast asia

cambodia culture The culture of Cambodia has had a rich and varied history dating back many centuries, and has been heavily influenced by India and China. food Rice and Fish are the main staple of the diet though many dishes are prepared with beef, pork or chicken. Sea food is abundant in coastal areas with shrimps and crab among the favorites. school its only kindergarten through to 12th grade. religion the Religion is Buddhism with 95% of the population being Buddhist. government the government of cambodia is politics fashion Fashion refers to styles that may change quickly therefore include the latest trends in clothing, art, and literature. entertainment There is a large choice of entertainment around from lively nightclubs to quieter social to karaoke bars and fully licensed casinos. money east timor culture the culture has been heavily influenced by Austronesian legends, although the Catholic influence is stronger, the population being mainly Roman Catholic.
food the food consists of Rice. Besides, the other food crops grown here include sweet potatoes. The vegetables that form a part of the East Timor Food consist of cabbage, spinach, beans, cowpeas and onions. school
the school is to provide a education to meet the needs of the children of the international community working in East Timor who require this type of education. religion religion were collected in 1992 , at which time about the population was 90% Roman Catholic and 4% Muslim

government Democratic Republic fashion The national dress is the sarong which is widely worn by both men and women. The sarong is a piece of fabric, which is normally wrapped around the waist of men and women.
entertainment There are bars and nightclubs in Dili, with many on the beachfront. All are open late, and serve food as well as drinks. money indonesia culture Indonesia is central along ancient trading routes between the Far East and the Middle East, resulting in many cultural practices being strongly influenced by a multitude of religions. food Rice is the basis of nearly all Indonesian dishes, and usually is served with fish, chicken, or vegetables.

school the average class size in primary schools was approximately twenty-seven, while upper-level classes included between thirty and forty students. Ninety-two percent of primary school students graduated, but only about 60 percent of those continued on to junior high school (ages thirteen through fifteen). Of those who went on to junior high school, 87 percent also went on to a senior high school (ages sixteen through eighteen). religion A number of different religions are practiced in the country, and their collective influence on the country's political, economical and cultural life is significant. 86.1% were Muslims, 3% are Catholic, 3.4% Buddhist. government republic fashion Beads jewelry and accessories made with all kind of sea shells. a large collection of mother of pearl shell necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings and other body jewelry made of mother of pearl shells. money thailand culture The culture of Thailand is a great deal of influence from India and China, the rest of Southeast Asia. It is influenced by Buddhism, as well as by large scale immigration from China. food the meal should consist of a soup, a curry dish with condiments, a dip with fish and vegetables. school In Thailand there are only two terms in one school year. They do not have any mid-term breaks. The new school year begins in May and ends in mid-October. There is then a three week break. The second term runs from early November to mid March. Then there is a two month break for the summer holidays.

religion There is absolute freedom of religion and other faiths are practiced. Buddhism is the faith of 95 percent of the population, 4 percent are Muslims, 0.5 percent and Christians. government politics money malaysia culture Malaysian culture is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and various tribes dating back to more than fifteen hundred years ago from a Kedah kingdom in Lembah Bujang with traders from China and India. food Rice, boiled to a white fluffy texture. It is served with dishes of meat (chicken or beef), fish and vegetables. school pre-school, primary, secondary, and pre-university. religion With slightly more than half of its people being Muslims. government federal fashion A sarung, is wrapped all around the waist of the body. It is kept so that it is left hanging half-way down over the pair of trousers. entertainment Cocktail, dining, dancing and cultural shows and also there are night markets.
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