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Nicki Minaj


Whitney Evanovich

on 10 March 2012

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Transcript of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj By Whitney, Ngendo, and Lauren 1. Emotional, easily upset vs. Calm, stable
2. Intelligent vs. Unintelligent
3. Suspicious vs. Trusting
4. Reserved, unfriendly vs. Outgoing, friendly
5. Assertive, dominant vs. Not assertive, humble
6. Sober, serious vs. Happy-go-lucky
7. Conscientious vs. Expedient
8. Shy, timid vs. Venturesome
9. Tender-minded vs. Tough-minded
10. Practical vs. Imaginative
11. Shrewd vs. Forthright
12. Self-assured, placid vs. Apprehensive
13. Conservative vs. Experimenting
14. Group-oriented vs. Self-sufficient
15. Undisciplined vs. Self-disciplined
16. Relaxed vs. Tense, driven Trait Perspective Barbie Roman Sanguine- Cheerful Humanistic Nicki Social-Cognitive Support from family and friends
High self- esteem
Full personality Psychoanalytic Humanistic analysis Nicki's rough childhood caused her to create her 5 alter egos (personality forms in the first few years)

In Freud's psychosexual stages Nicki is in the Phallic stage where the pleasure zone is in the genitals- shown in her oversexual image

Self- Actualization Self Esteem To love and be loved Security Psychological Needs Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs Self- Actualization; fulfilling her potential Choleric- irritable Sanguine/ melancholic Bought her mom a house
Still creating music in her own way Why she is so self-actualized Self Esteem Psychological Needs Self-Actualization Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs Possible Selves
Hopes to be remembered and an influence
Fears to disappoint family, friends and fans
Sets herself apart from other people and artists in the industry.
Serious when she needs to be
High self esteem
Independent mindset (self-efficacy)
Assessing the Self ANY QUESTIONS? Uses alter-egos to handle situations
Isn't scared of saying what is on her mind
Unpredictable behavior
Has no personal control
Optimism vs. Pessimism
Experienced learned helplessness before she was famous Trait Perspective Raymond Cattell's 16 Basic Factors of Personality Big 5 Personality Factors Conscientiousness
Self-satisfied Openness
Preference for variety
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