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Hokie Flowers Business Plan

Business Plan for Florist Shop in Blacksburg, VA

shawn davis

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Hokie Flowers Business Plan

To offer high-quality & personalized floral arrangements to the Blacksburg community
We cater our services towards your special events Management Valentine’s Day 36%
Mother’s Day 27.4%
Christmas & Hanukkah 15.1%
Easter & Passover 8.9%
Thanksgiving Day 7.4%
Sweetest Day 1.2%
Administrative Professional’s Day 1.1%
St. Patrick's Day .09%
Grandparents’ Day .09%
Halloween .05%
Father’s Day .04%
Boss’ Day .02% Shawn Davis
Kristin Purgason
Diana Tung
Meredith Roberts Description of layout D'Rose:
Family owned an operated
Lacking Marketing
Small Work Area
Small Cooler
TeleFlora Market Market Analysis Business Strategy Start up costs
Sources of funding
Income statement Income Statement Sources of Funding Finances & Costs Percent Ranking by Retail Dollars: Hokie Flowers
Description of Product Best Wishes:
Locally Owned and Operated
Large Work Area
Large Coolers
Severely Lacking Marketing
TeleFlora Market Bouquet
Loose flowers
Dish Arrangements Market Strategy Mission Statement Vision Statement We strive to be the number one florist to the Blacksburg area through superior service, quality, and reasonable pricing
Potential need to start up $80,000

Partners: $ $20,000/5,000 each partner
Family Loan: $ $0
Donations/Gifts: $ $0
Bank Loan: $ $60,000

How do we think we will acquire the money?
Plans to pay back loan? Target Market = 42,000 residents of Blacksburg (over 30,000 VT students)
Niche market of college students
Pricing strategy = cater towards typical budget of college student
Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, blog)
Radio, Newspaper, T.V. ads
Offer classes
Act as campus partner for Relay for Life Start Up cost
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