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UF Summer Learning Program

UF College of Dentistry

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of UF Summer Learning Program

An immersive educational learning program for students interested in the field of Dentistry. The program takes place on the UF College of Dentistry campus. The SLP program includes interactive and hands on experiences in a dental simulation laboratory, admissions advice, workshops, guest speakers, DAT exam tips, and social events.
What is Summer Learning Program (SLP)?
*Produce hands-on projects in dental simulation laboratory

*Shadow dental students in general and specialty clinics

*Explore dentistry and its specialties with dental faculty and students

*Receive one-on-one advising from UFCD admissions

*Participate in a variety of workshops on topics such us: DAT prep, interviewing, professionalism, financial aid, and dental research.

*Experience interactive online modules and presentations on a variety of dental topics.

*Receive housing, meals, parking, and scrubs throughout the duration of the program. Accepted students will have all expenses paid.

*Make connections! Bond and network with other students with goals just like you.

The SLP Experience:
Visit our website!



SLP Team
Phone: (352) 273- 5950
Email: Summerlearningprogram@dental.ufl.edu

The 2016 Summer Learning Program has been re-designed to include an interactive hybrid online component. The 3-week program will take place on-campus at UFCD for 3 days, with online modules and components before and after the on-campus experience.

Sample Module Topics:
Financial Aid- Paying for Dental school
Admissions- Process, research, tips, ADSAS
Professionalism- The interview, phone/email etiquette
Dental specialty fields
Research/community dentistry

Hybrid Program
UF Summer Learning Program
July 2016
2016 Program Dates: July 5th- July 21st

On-Campus Dates: July 14th- July 16th

University of Florida
College of Dentistry


Pre-dental students enrolled in a Florida
College or University

Apply by March 2016!

Program Info: SLP 2016
Available January 2016
-Visit Website for application form and additional information


*Fully completed application– signed, initialed, and dated

*Attach most-recent official transcripts

*Letter of recommendation (Sealed and signed)

*Personal statement

All application materials must be mailed together and received by March 4th, 2016

Mailing Address
Summer Learning Program
UF College of Dentistry
PO Box 100407
Gainesville, FL 32610-0445

Sim Labs
Workshops and Presentations
Team Bonding/Social Events
Community Education/Outreach
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