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Baby?,The New Trendsetter?

The newest trends, based on making babies as fashionable as models walking down the run way.

Evebonee Acosta

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Baby?,The New Trendsetter?

Baby?, The New Trendsetter? Evebonee Acosta It's A BOY The fall and winter 2012 clothing collection for babies is very elegant and beautiful; the thing that makes the baby fashion industry very special is that it does not deal with babies as if they are just babies, it deals with them as if they are grownups and they offer fashionable and elegant designs for them in an equality to their parents. For your baby boy, you have the ability to always make him look like a baby “rockstar," as well as "daddy's mini-me", all while giving him the beauty and purity of his age combined with the elegance of high-end designs. Like Father, Like Son A lovely grey t-shirt made of cotton with white bracelet and white collar will make him look like his dad in a beautiful but a more adorable way, now combine that with a pair of white pants that will be great for everyday use.

Another trendy look include a beautiful pair of jeans, that will be amazing with a white shirt and a wool jacket for a cold day to keep him warm and avoid getting sick.

A blue overall will be amazing for his first days to wear, and as you can see, it comes with a beautiful head cover, with details of a horse shape stitched on it with white thread also on the arms. This elegant overall for your baby will also make his look very elegant and beautiful and most importantly, keep him warm.

Another overall is available for your baby, but this time it is made of waterproof fabric with lining to make sure he is warm, all while being comfortable. There is also a shearling on the attached head cover, which in my opinion, looks great and comes with it a lovely pair of gloves from the same material and color, and footwear too.

One thing every mom should do, is to take pride in choosing your baby clothes. Keep in mind a sense of elegance and fashion, in order to make him always look great. So great, that when he grows up and has kids too, he would be proud that his mom and dad made sure he always looked great. We all know that every newborn baby means a lot to his parents, and whether it’s a boy or a girl; each one has their own beauty and joy. “Mommy’s & Daddy’s little angel” never have gone any further than making sure that their baby looks perfect, beautiful, and angelic.

Newborn baby collections are usually very beautiful and cute, and suitable for every baby and every mother’s taste. When dressing your baby, we should strive to dress them in simple but elegant clothing, in order to suit their beauty and purity. My "Little Angel" For a baby girl, for me, the little dresses are always your best and most beautiful, delicate and chic choice. Many collections now have at least a piece of garment that revolves around an idea like an elegant rose dress, with elasticized half sleeves, that are detailed with white feathering. This angelic dress is very elegant and beautiful, and it suits everyday’s going outs. If you would like to, you can even add to this elegant and beautiful showing, a pair of gold and brown shoes and as a result, the whole set and look of your baby girl is ready to go into the spotlight.

Printed dresses are also very elegant and very girlish, if you ask me, for those tiny and small human beings. Your little girl will look amazing and beautiful in this white crème dress with gold heart shaped prints all over the dress with an elastic top, and a lovely bow in the center, which in return, makes it angelic and beautiful for all day long and also, very comfortable for her for a sunny day. On the other hand, for windy cold days, this white crème wool coat with four buttons comes with a beautiful hat also made of wool, and combines it with lovely wool footwear in brown. Every piece that you have been introduced to will be amazing and beautiful and without a doubt, will make a statement for those who don’t know the real fashion styles. It's A GIRL Burnt Orange:
Not quite as vibrant as the oranges of seasons past, we're kind of feeling this softer, dustier orange that so sharp, paired with black accents.
Though deep purple lipsticks have been a trend for years now, the color is now making waves on the runways as well.
Royal Blue:
This super-saturated hue provides a beautiful contrast to black basics.
More badass than last season's pale pink and less in-your-face than hot pink, peach is going to be the new neutral this fall.
Deep Teal:
In rich textures like velvet, crepe silk, and satin, an inky teal is a lovely option for nighttime dressing.
Primrose Yellow:
This mustardy yellow is a welcome change to last season's acid-neon yellow. We love how it looks as a print, or as a topper in a color blocked ensemble.
Venetian Red:
We love the idea of wearing a structured, nubby jacket this fall, in a deep, rust-red scarlet.
This bright blue shade is youthful and fresh feeling, and looks just right with a splash of sparkle. Color of The Moment?? Hottest Product?? FEATURES:
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Estimated Price: $150 Hottest Product?? Hollywood Royalty It is hard to not look at any magazine, newscast, or be online, without seeing celebrities introducing their biggest accessory of the year, their kids. It seems like everyone in Hollywood is expecting, and those that have already given birth, waste no time walking around the town and running errands with their kids in fashion, with the hottest product on the market, and one that is constantly changing, the stroller. We as consumers, look up to celebrities to be perfect indicators of the newest trends in the fashion world. By them promoting these advanced and functional set of strollers, it can only make us want the product more and make it a must have item. Celebrity or not, throughout the world, there has been a new and revolutionized baby boom phase, showcasing how advanced, and modern everyday life has become. This advanced lifestyle requires a stroller to be durable, portable, and diverse, depending on the needs of the costumer. http://www.babytrend.com/strollers
http://www.refinery29.com/2012-color-trends BIBLIOGRAPHY Expressing yourself is very important, at any age. Wanting to stand out from the crowd is also a must. Whether you are 12months old or 12 years old, being presentable and being able to dress the part for any occasion, makes the desire for individuality blossom. It is easy for kids to be trendsetters because they are at a age where they are so innocent and unaffected by the worlds opinions which gives them room to be creative and innovators, which certainly makes babies and the moms who are buying the clothes, a focal point in the fashion industry.
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