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The Lovely France

The Five Themes Of Geography

Avelycia Ortiz

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Lovely France

The Five Things Of Geography In France, 1: Location Part 2 Largest City and Capital: Paris
Language: French
Population: 65,821,885 (2011)
Religions: Roman Catholic 85%, Muslim 10%, Protestant 2%, and Jewish 1%
Tradition: Every summer, in July, more than 100 cyclists race in the Tour de France for 3 weeks. The route is about 2,000 miles long and changes yearly. 2:Place Part 1 3. Regions 4. Movement By Maura Mendoza and Avelycia Ortiz Lately, France is having some forest
damage from some acid rain.
Air pollution from cars,
and water pollution from urban waste.
To help their environment, they are recycling. Not the best country in Europe, but they are trying their best. 5: H.E.I Longitude and latitude:
Paris: 48° 51' N, 2° 21' E
Bordeaux: 44° 50' N, 0° 34' W
Brest: 48° 23' N, 4° 29' W
Lille: 50° 38' N, 3° 3' E
Marseille: 43° 17' N, 5° 22' E
Strasbourg: 48° 34' N, 7° 44' E 1. Location Part 1 Absolute Relative:
France is in Western Europe, located North of Spain and South of the UK, Belgium and Germany, West of Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and is East of the Atlantic Ocean. Human 2: Place Part 2 Physical
France has mountains along the southwest border with Andorra and Spain (the Pyrenees). It also has mountains to the east (the Alps). In the southeast is the mountainous plateau known as the Massif Central.
Mountains (Alps) , rivers (Loire, Seine, Rhone), forests, canyons, coast, fields, vineyards, castles, cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille)rivers, platues, and mountains
it is flat in most parts but some hills. France has 22 regions. They are listed below.
Nord Pas de Calais
Pays de Loire
Rhone Alpes
Burgundy Goods :
France is the most visited country in the world with 75 million tourists yearly.

Ideas: Ideas in France are moved from person to person using celphones,email,and letters.

People: People in France who go to place to place using busses, cars, and trains
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