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How to Write a Poem

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Jordan Overly

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of How to Write a Poem

The Lack of 21st Century Poets
In 3 simple steps
How to Write a Poem
Knowledge of classic Literature and Poetry

Understanding the world around you

Learning how to express yourself
Maya Angelou
Emily Dickinson
Robert Frost
Steps to Writing a Poem
Familiarize Yourself
with common
Literature Terms
Choose Your
Poem Type and Topic
Tie your terms and topic together and write the poem
Choosing a Poem Type
Concrete Poetry
Forms a shape
of what
the poems about
Describes something
without actually
naming what it is
First Letter of each
line spell out
word or phrase.
Free Verse
Create your own

I am Poem
Some Hikku can
include the repetion
of words or sounds.
Describes an item
that the poet
relates too
Choosing a Topic!
Think about things that interest you
Get inspired by images or information on your topic

Write your poem on something unexpected
Remember the simple,beautiful things
General Topics
Heart Break

in a crowded room
How sun shines
through water
Unique Topics
How you feel
on a long day
Knowing common Literature/Poetic Terms
Near Rhyme
Words that sound
the same yet
do not Rhyme.
A metaphor that
compares one thing
to something different.
A pair of lines that go together.
These are the same length,
usually Rhyme, and form
a complete thought.
Figure of Speech
Words or sounds
are arranged
in a particular way to achieve
a certain effect or
inner meaning
Provide Examples
A group of line that is repeated
throughout the poem
usually after every stanza
Two or more lines of poetry
that together form one of the
divisions of the poem.
These are usually about
the same length.

Periods, exclamation points,
question marks, and commas
are added if the poet wants to
express a point.
Most of the time the 1st word
in every line is capitalized.

Poetry Rules
Tie Ideas Together and Write your Poem
Examples of Famous finished Poems
Note- Your doing free verse
Note- Pick topic
Note- add in eamples
Talk about or add in synonys, nouns, verbs, and exclimations and examples and write on board
call on people
to choose from
list and add in
the words for
mad libs on
reserach mad lip poetry
possibly fill in things instead of noun use
words from
term list
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