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Shanna Kim-Panczyk

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Thursday, February 21, 2013
The Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood
Shanna Kim-Panczyk
Erin Lynch
Sydney Schubert
Danny Sanchez
Will Albrecht
Very beautiful young girl (P)
Innocent (P)
Doesn't listen to mother (BG)
Brave and innocent (BG)
Character Comparisons
Archetypes of Hoodwinked
Granny appears to be an ordinary grandmother, but is secretly an adrenaline junky and states that she hates to quilt and go to bingo parlors. She leads a secretive athletic life and is able to box, ski, snowboard and skateboard.
Through the summary of the tales and the movies, we were able to compare the characters and found that the archetypes appearing in the tales and the movie made assumptions about gender roles. The underlying message of how to be a hero in Brother's Grimm is to kill the villain. The underlying message of Charles Perrault's story is that children should not talk to strangers and should not assume they are good. The underlying message of how to be a hero, in Hoodwinked, is that the bad guy will not win, thus the villain was put in jail. In all of these stories, "happily ever after" means having your family and defeating the villain.
Brothers Grimm
Charles Perrault
Once upon a time: Little country girl adored by mother and grandmother
Little Red Riding Hood is delivering cakes to her sick grandmother in another village
Little Red Riding Hood meets a big bad wolf who wants to eat her
Little Red Riding Hood tells the wolf where her grandmother lives and why she is going there
Big bad wolf says he will race her to grandmother's house while the child collects nuts and flowers
Wolf tricks grandmother and eats her
Wolf tricks Little Red Riding Hood- "What big ears you have...what big arms/ hands you have...what big eyes you have...what big teeth you have..."
Big bad wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood
The End
Once upon a time: dear little girl loved greatly by her grandmother
Little Red Riding Hood is delivering a piece of cake and a bottle of wine to her sick grandmother
Little Red Riding Hood encounters a wolf who wants to eat her
Little Red Riding Hood tells the wolf where grandmother lives
Wolf tricks Little Red Riding Hood to pick flowers
Wolf arrives at grandma's house before child and eats the grandmother
Wolf tricks Little Red Riding Hood "What big ears you have...what big eyes you have...what big hands you have...what a big mouth you have..."- Eats Little Red Riding Hood
Huntsman saves Little Red Riding Hood and grandmother
Wolf is killed
Happily Ever After!
Once upon a time: Little Red loved by everyone especially grandmother
Mystery of the Goody Bandit
Red bringing Grandma Puckett the secret family recipe book
Wolf stops her in the woods (Wolf = investigator)
Wolf think Little Red is the Goody Bandit
Woodland creatures (authority) investigate case
Little Bunny is the villain- steeling everyone's recipes and taking everyone out of business
Little Bunny and his accomplices go to jail
Happily Ever After
Little Red
Being a Hero
Grimm Tale: Huntsman acts as hero
Saves Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother
Kills the wolf
Tough (H)
Delivery girl (H)
Grimm Tale and Movie:
Hero must defeat evil and protect the innocent
doted on little Red (P)
Ill (P)
helpless (P)
loves Little Red more than Anyone (BG)
tough adrenaline junkie (H)
hero (H)
independent (H)
Charles Perrault Tale: No Hero
Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother are eaten
Criminal wins
"Happily Ever After?"
kind at first(P)
conniving (P)
expresses hunger for little red (P)
has not eaten in 3 days (P)
kind at first (BG
trickster (BG)
Relaxed (H)
harmless (H)
reporter (H)
no involvement in crime (H)
Hoodwinked (movie)
Loves little red unconditionally (P)
Loves little red but is tough (BG)
Strict (BG)
No mother (H)
Red Riding Hood
Lumber Jack
Red Riding Hood
Lumber Jack
none (P)
tough (BG)
rescues Grandma and Red (BG)
tough exterior (H)
childlike interior (H)
Only in Hoodwinked
Motherly towards red
evil villain
Red is seen as an innocent young girl, and Granny does does not want her to go into the forest alone. Throughout the movie, she proves to Granny that she is not young and innocent, but instead brave and adventurous.
During the movie, the wolf is thought to be the bandit because of his frightening encounter with Red in the woods and his suspicious demeanor. Later in the movie we find out that the wolf is an investigative journalist that is privately working to uncover who the bandit is.
Kirk, the German want to be actor, appears to be tough and scary, but is actually sensitive and the driver of the Schnitzel truck. He's told by the director of the commercial, for which he auditioned, to find his inner woodsman, and during his experience, he accidentally breaks through the window of Granny's house.
Little Red Riding Hood
Brothers Grimm & Charles Perrault
Little Red Riding Hood:
In each of the versions of the story, the main character is referred to as
Little Red Riding Hood
, whereas in the movie, she is known as
Similarly in both of the stories, she was "loved by everyone who looked at her" (Brothers Grimm) and "a little country girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen" (Charles Perrault).
Red Riding Hood (tale)
Presented differently than the movie, in the stories, Granny is characterized as weak and ill, whereas in the movie, she is very active.
In both the movie and the stories, Little Red Riding Hood is portrayed to be innocent and proves this characteristic, but also proves to be brave, wise and adventurous.
Similarly in both stories, the wolf poses as Granny, and Little Red comments on how Granny now has such big arms, big legs, big ears, big eyes and big teeth.
Huntsman (Brothers Grimm)
Only present in one story, the Huntsman makes an appearance to save the day when he arrives at Granny's house to check up on her, but then finds the wolf in her bed.
The bunny, which runs the cable car through the forest, appears to be cute and fuzzy. But at the end of the movie, we discover that he is the bandit and the one who is stealing the recipes from the bakeries in the forest.
Putting the bad guy in jail
Being reunited with family
Developing closer relationship with family
Peace and prosperity
No threats to society
Children should not be out alone (Tale)
Children should not talk to strangers (Tale)
Children and people in general are more susceptible to being taken advantage of due to technology today.
We tend to stereotype and assume things based on outer appearance (Movie)
We tend to generalize people and identify them as a specific social group (Movie)
People are threatened by the dangers of unknown people, even if they seem nice or weak
Movie: Characters work collaboratively as heroes
Wolf (Investigative Reporter)
Grandmother and Red work to defeat Bunny
Woodland creatures act as law enforcement
Lumber Jack
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