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Lauren Klees

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Marvel

The Dream Team Marvel Key Issues Success dependent on a set of notable blockbuster characters
Not capitalizing on lesser-known characters Founded in 1930
First Marvel Comic in 1939
Industry Leader of Character-based Entertainment
Comic Book publisher, toys, motion pictures, licensing operations Agenda Case Introduction
Key Issues
Industry Analysis
Key Success Factors for Marvel
Recap Industry Analysis Comic Book Industry: Key Success Factors Marvel’s library of over 4,700 characters included Spider-Man, X- Men, The Hulk, Blade, Daredevil, Elektra, The Punisher, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Namor, Thor, and Silver Surfer
Established tradition since 1939
Vulnerability attached to each of the characters
Linking media products with consumer products Recommendations Introduction: History of Marvel Case Overview June 2004: recovery from hardships - CEO Peter Cuneo
Strategic recovery plan to overcome bankruptcy
content library
character development
quality assurance
Past - increasing titles and doubled prices
long term growth
control over creative process
DC Comics rival Marvel
Characters BCG Matrix Future Films •Well known comic book heroes
•Strong distribution network
•Strong fan base
•Merchandise SWOT Analysis Key Success Factors for Marvel Recap Porter’s Five Forces Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Low

Bargaining Power of Customers: High

Threat to New Entrants: Low

Threat of Substitute Products: High

Competitive Rivalry: High Incorporate lesser known characters
Spiderman films need time to regenerate
Sequels and trilogies
Stay away from script writing Questions?
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