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The marketing mix

No description

Sheena Tolson

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of The marketing mix

To put it simply, m
arketing is the act of connecting customers to products or services
. It includes the coordination of FOUR elements, commonly called the 4 P's of marketing.
The 4 P's
What are some target audiences that you would be a member of?
Let's review each of the 4 elements of the Marketing Mix
In pairs, discuss the following questions:
1. What are some strategies used to promote a particular product or service?
2. How would you decide to price your product or service?
3. Can you recite a slogan or a tune related to a product or service?
The marketing mix
Each element is equally important for the brand's image, unique selling point, and selling to its...
You guessed it, its TARGET MARKET! When business create their marketing strategies, they aim their marketing efforts towards defined customers.
The goal is to have a PRODUCT that is properly PRICED, properly PLACED, and promptly PROMOTED.
So far we've learned the marketing mix deals with the way in which a business uses product, price, place, and promotion to market and sell its products.
An object that you can touch or a service that you can offer which is sold to your customers. Product refers to the features and appearances of the goods and services you market.

The amount of money that a product or service will be bought or sold for.
The point where products are made available to customers and how t get them (i.e. distribution)
The way in which you are going to advertise your product or service.
Let's recap and see the marketing mix in action...
We are marketers and will be evaluating the 4 P's for a company. You will need your "Marketing Mix" worksheet to examine the components of the marketing mix for...
With this lesson, students should be able to:

idenify the components of the marketing mix
define target market
I selected Prezi because it is a user-friendly presentation tool that allows users to create dynamic and interactive poster presentations that rival PowerPoint. Prezi uses “motion” that zooms to features of a story that focuses on the links of the presentation. The tool is easy to create and edit that allows users to add images and videos by simply inserting links to the media source or by uploading from a device. I recently started using Prezi and I find the zoom/narrow feature to be more interesting than the flat-plane, traditional PowerPoint presentation. In addition, users can search for previous Prezi creations for further inspiration. For this constructivist presentation, I inserted various images and also a YouTube video.

In the future this tool would be useful in the classroom for students to either collaborate or even independently prepare a multimedia presentation. The Prezi platform is very user friendly and does not require a software download. Students would be able to create and edit within a web browser or on a mobile device.
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