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Mid- West,by Willie and Kaan

No description

Karen Simmons

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Mid- West,by Willie and Kaan


The Mid-West is a fascinating place to live. It has a lot of places to visit and explore.The Mid-West has 12 states,Illinois,Indiana,Iowa,Kansas,Michigan,Minnesota,Missouri,Nebraska,North Dakota,Ohio,South Dakota,and Wisconson.Let us talk about the Mid-West some more!
Things Invented in the Mid-West

Places to Visit
The Capitals in the mid west is Springfield,Indidanapolis,Des Moines,
Topeka,Lansing,St.Paul,Jefferson City,
Lincon,Bismarck,Columbus,Pierre, and

One mineral mined in the Mid-west is nickel
mining and manufacturing
From 1810-1850, the underground railroad was used to help slaves escape from the South,
William Henry Harrison became the first Ohio born president of the U.S in 1841 and
Neil Armstrong,first man on the moon,was born in Ohio 1980.
History of the MId-West
Temperatures in the Midwestern part of the U.S. can swing 100 or more degrees between winter and summer. In winter, temperatures can fall below zero in many parts of the region, though the season isn't always brutal: Visitors may experience daily high temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit at times. Spring and autumn temperatures tend to be moderate, ranging from the 50s to 70s. Summers in the Midwest tend to be humid and hot. Temperatures in the 80s and 90s are common, and in many areas of the region, the temperature rises to triple digits at least a few times each summer.
Mid- West,by Willie,Kaan and Gabe
Do you know what has been
invented in the Mid West?Well, i'll tell you! Have you ever had a mouthwatering Twinkie?Well twinkies where invented in the mid-west.Roller skates where also invented in the mid-west!

this is the midwest
fun to eat
One place to visit in the Mid West
is Mount Rushmore,Mount Rushmore is a mountain with 4 presedents, George Washington,Thomas Jefferson,Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincon.
Some states in the mid-west are the
Illinois,Lowa, Kansas, Michigan,
North Dakota,Ohio,South Dakota and
One feul mined in the Mid-west is automobiles
Another product manufactured in the Mid-west is metal prouducts
One feul mined in the Mid-west is coal
One livestock in the Midwest
is a sheep,another livestock is
the cow.The major crops in the
mid west is Corn and Soybeans.
Soy Beans
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