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Jenna Doucette

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Digestion


How chemical Reactions happen in Digestive system
Chemical Reaction happens in the digestive system when the pancreatic acids disolve the mascinated food, then it disolves into a soapy liqued called chyme, which is another chemical reaction.
Chemical and Word Equations for Digestion
In all digestive chemical reactions, nutrients are broken down by enzymes through a chemical process. The Chemical equation and word equation for Digestion can vary a bit,depending on where and what it is digesting. Here are a few of the chemical and word equations for digestion . First heres the chemical equation of the digestion of carbohydrates in lentils:
Starch + water + (amylase) –> maltose
C6H10O5 + H20 –> C12 H22 O11
Next is the chemical equations for the digestion of lipds or fatty acids once fat is emulsified:
Fat droplets + water + (lipase) –> glycerol + fatty acids.
C55H98O6 + H20 –> C3H8O3 + C18H34O2
This is the simple version for the chemical equations of the digestion of protien:
Protein + pepsin – (water, condensation reaction) –> amino acids
C44189H71252N12428O14007S321 + H20 + (PEPSIN) –>C2H5NO2

Benefits of Digestive
Benefits of digestion to human health is that it gives nutrients to your body, and breaks down your food through chemical reactions.I would say it has a positive impact on the environment because digestion isn't made up of chemicals that can react or harm the environment and us in a negative way.
In my opinion I think obviously digestion is very important, and doesn't have any problems. Digestion is mandatory for your survival , without it we would all die, it really has no negative impact to anyone or the world.
What Is Digestion?
Digestion is the breaking down of food into forms that our bodies can use. Our bodies use food as fuel to provide us with many things such as: energy for work, play and growth. Your digestive system is responsible for converting the food we eat into energy for our bodies to use. Digestion is considered a chemical change, because the food goes from a solid to a liquid when you eat, and it fully digests.
Chemical Reactions
This is a Basic labeled Diagram of your digestive system.
This is the kind of chemical reaction that occurs when a protein food, such as meat, is digested.
Answer to 3 Questions
Does Digestion have more than 1 chemical reaction? Yes many actually, depending what you are digestion and where in the digestive system.
How do you know when food is being digested that it is a chemical reaction or change? When the substance is being disolved by the acids or saliva breaks it down into new substance that is a chemical change.
Is the digestive system very important? Yes because it is mandatory for your survival.
Ideas For Future Research.
Some Ideas for future research for digestion and chemical reactions within could be exploring the different reactions your stomach has to certain types of foods. For example you would eat something completley different and observe in a lab if your body makes different reactions varied on the things you eat. Another idea for future research is kind of out there but you could invent a device that can be implanted in you to observe your digestive tract and the chemical reactions in it.
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