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Library Policy

No description

Cristal Isaacks

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Library Policy

Mrs. Isaacks,
Students may check out 2 books at a time.

Students can keep books for one week. They may recheck the book if necessary.

Check-Out Policy
Accelerated Reading
Students are awarded prizes for every five AR points during the year.
Students must maintain a 70% average to earn an AR reward.
The AR reward list will be sent home.
Students should read the AR prize list so they know what they want their goal to be.
Ruined or Lost Books
Ruined or lost books must be paid for before students are allowed to check out more books in the district and before AR prizes are awarded.

Ruined books include:
colored in
torn or cut pages
food/drink spilled inside
dogs chewing spines or corners
Where to look for lost books:
in the desks in your classrooms
in your backpack
in your car or on the bus
Parent Reading
South Elementary
Library Policy

We encourage parents to read:
to their children
to read with their children
and to listen to their children read alone
Reading challenges
occur throughout the year.
Students must meet the challenge goal and maintain a 70% average for the time period to win the challenge.

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