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Religion in 14th century england

No description

Alfonso Islas

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Religion in 14th century england

Religion in 14th century England:
The main religion in fourteenth century England was the Roman Catholic religion. Attendance to the catholic church was compulsory.
Roman Catholic
About the religion
Aftermath of Church
The English church completely controlled the life of all citizens through marking all hours of prayer and establishing government and determining who was guilty of a crime and who was not.
Who was affected by the Church
The church had different messages for its members depending on their wealth and social status.
Peasants: The church bestowed the message of the value of suffering. This meant that they were meant to suffer becouse of gods divine will
Noble & Wealthy: The church believed that those of higher class were meant to have divine blessings in this life.
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