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Medical Imaging Tech

No description

Kaylie Popson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Medical Imaging Tech

MEdical Imaging Tech Job description & Duties:
Medical imaging techs use high-tech equipment to produce images of patients internal organs and bone structures. These images are used by physicians and specialists to help diagnose medical problems.
Working with complex equipment is only one part of a medical imaging tech’s job. The other part of the job is dealing with patients.
During a session with a patient, you have to put the patient in the proper position for the image to be taken, assist patients if they are disabled, prepare the imaging equipment, and takes any necessary precautions.

There are several areas of specialization in this field. X-ray techs, or radiographers (Radiographers may do anything from simple x-rays of broken bones to more complex procedures like fluoroscopies. Fluoroscopies are when you give a patient a special drink that allows the physician to see any moving images of soft tissue or organs), take images using radioactive equipment. MRI techs operate magnetic resonance imaging equipment that uses radio waves to produce images. Ultrasonographers operate ultrasound machines that use sound waves.
You will be working with doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals. Some also take part in surgery and special procedures. You will also be working with a bunch of different technology. Work conditions:
-Most medical imaging techs work in treatment rooms in hospitals or private clinics.
-They spend a lot of the day standing, and must help patients on and off examining tables.
-Most work 8 hour days and 40 hours a week
-Those who work in hospitals may have to work on-call which means they can be called into work any hour of the day for emergencies.

Generally imaging techs make $35,000 to $70,000 a year
where CT scans or MRIs can earn close to $90,000 a year.
Suggested grade 12 courses to have are:English
Algebra & Geometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,
Social Studies, Computers / Electronics & Communications Technology, Health & Physical Education.
Degree programs take 4 years to complete in some provinces though 2-3 year collage diploma programs are available. Personal Qualities:
-excellent interpersonal skills, as the job involves interactions with distressed patients.
-Compassion and understanding to your patients.
-Be able to clearly explain the procedures.
-Be able to work with others and technology
-Office skills
-Be fit to help your patients
-Be able to be on your feet all day Why:
-not many years of post secondary schooling
-good wage
-helping people in your community
-get to work with friendly people

Why not:
-always on call
-might not be able to handle seeing some of the injuries
-don't get all summer off like for example teachers
-might not like talking with complete strangers
-Have to be on your feet all day
careercruising.com Kaylie Popson
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