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Newspapers - 57030

Available at Prezzip.com. Newspaper prezi template. Read all about it. Use this newspaper template to tell your story. A photo realistic newspaper with plenty of room for your text.

Your Prezis

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of Newspapers - 57030

News of the World and
News on Sunday

UK in the 1980’s under Margaret Thatcher's Rule.

What was it like?

The story behind mining, and right wing political views.
What is News of the World?

What is News Of the World?
UK’s Best selling newspaper that was founded in 1984.
Specialised in celebrity gossip, sensational crime stories and exposing sexual scandals.

Owned by Rupert Murdoch when he bought it in 1969.
Why was it so successful but ultimately fail?

Management what is it?
Management can be arbitrarily defined as the process of organizing, leading and controlling an organization, for the purpose of achieving an end goal.

Management is essential to a thriving business as it controls and operates the organizations resources or people to its maximum efficiency.

News of the world management style
Hierarchical organizational structure, clearly defined jobs and hiring of experience employees ( Theory of max Weber).
Domineering and autocratic managerial style.
Internalized competition and low Job security ( Maslow hierarchy of needs).
Favoritism of senior management ( John Stacey Adams equity theory).

Why did it the business fail?
Bad leadership behavior led to bad behavior

Ends justify the means attitude, where profitability was foremost while ethics took a backseat

Murdoch’s unwillingness to put forth certain guidelines and practices

What can be learned?
Empowerment of middle managers

Set restrictions and guidelines

Ensure better working conditions ( Herzberg two factor theory)

Ethics …. What is right ?

What is Business ethics ?

The study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues such as corporate governance, discrimination …” (Investopedia, 2016)

News of the world has had several controversial cases. Mainly their ethical approach to gaining information -

News of the world - a loose cannon ?
News on Sunday

News on Sunday Managerial style
Tom Watson (2012) “It Moves phone hacking into a new league, it’s now a very serious criminal matter
Phone hacking - Milly dowler
Cheque book journalism’ (Brake et al, 2016) -

Serial killers Christie and Haigh legal defences paid …

Norman “jock” Rae and Harry Procter - Fleet street crime reporters

‘Blissful’ articles on murder

What is the news on sunday?
Launched in 1987 by Alan Hailing
What caused the news on sunday to fail?
What was the mission statement of the company?
Too ethical of a company?

Democratic-consultative and Laissez-Faire leadership style

Consensus decision making

Decisions based on charter

Why did it fail?

Internal division and conflict

Prioritized diversity over experience

Inexperience managers

No clear leadership

Conflict between founders and employees

What can be learned?
Clearer organizational structure and chain of command (Bureaucratic Management Theory)

Experience is key to success

Autocratic leadership would have been more affective

Conflict management is essential

News on Sunday - a lack of controversy ?

Arguably too ethical - recruitment of people

“News on Sunday made a decision based on politics rather than ability” (Mcdermit, Load of balls, 2006)

News on Sunday is opposed to all forms of racism, sexism… and will employ this in their employment practices

”everyone and their dog applied” (Eugiene Verney)


News of world
Successful but failed due to lack of ethical consideration
Lessons to be learned

News on Sunday
Not successful due to being over ethical
Lessons to be learned

Why The News of the World was successful

Relevant and interesting articles

Cheque book journalism

Creative licence given to journalists

Thank you !!!

Any Questions ?
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