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Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Interdependence

A way of describing how we are all linked to other people and countries around the world

The United Nations
Part 1: The General Assembly
It is like a world parliament where nearly all member states are present.
Each member state has one vote (192 members)
Matters of global concern are discussed.
Decisions are known as resolutions.
Part 3: The Secretary-General
The secretary general is the head of the UN.
They are appointed by The General Assembly and recommended by the Security Council.
The act as a mediator between conflicts.
They serve a five year term.
The International Court of Justice is held in the Peace Palace in The Hague in the Netherlands.
It is the main body of law of the United Nations.
It settles disputes between states and helps countries to agree on legal issues such as state borders and trade.
There are 15 judges in this court and no two from the same country.
Part 6: The Economic and Social Council
Set up in 1945 after the horrors of WW2
51 countries joined at first.
Now there is 192 member states.
A member agrees to keep the peace in the world, promote and respect human rights and encourage friendly relations while working together on international problems.
The UN does NOT make laws. It is made up of 6 parts.
Part 2: The Security Council
The Security council works to keep international peace.
It meets in New York.
it has 15 members 5 permanent and 10 different members every 10 years.
It can say no to decisions made at short notice this is called the power of veto.
Ban Ki-Moon
Part 4: The Trusteeship Council
If needed helps set up governments in newly independent states.
They have not met since 1994.
Part 5: The International Court of Justice
This Council has 54 members, elected by the General Assembly for 3 years.
It discusses issues like education, employment, health,, human rights and standards of living.
Good will Ambassadors
IRELAND and the UN
Irish soldiers serve as peacekeepers
The Irish defence forces
clear landmines, protect workers and aid, monitor elections etc.

An Garda Siochana
Also work on peacekeeping missions.
The UN High Commissioner
Monitors human rights
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