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Ancient Rome

No description

Matthew Cropper

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

ANCIENT ROME Geography Rome had Arable land which is good for farming. A high mountain range called the Alps seperates the peninsula from the rest of Rome Founding of Rome Rome was founded on Palatine Hill THE POOR GET MORE POWER PATRICIAN- RICH AND POWERFUL TRIBUNES-TOP OFFICIALS OF THE PLEBIAN ASSEMBLY 12 TABELS-THE REPUBLICS FIRST WRITTEN LAW CODE Rome was founded by Romulus Romulus and Remus were fighting one day and Romulus killed Remus then founded Rome! Roman Republic The Roman Republic was tripartite which means it had 3 parts it is an inderect democracy h hi h PLEBIAN- POOR AND UNINPORTANT ROMES GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES GAVE THEM GREAT BENIFITS EACH PART OF THE GOVERMENT IN ROME COULD LIMIT THE POWER OF ANOTHER THIS WAS CALLED CHECKS AND BALANCE In rome when consuls left for war, they sometimes appointed a dictaror to serve in there plave. A dictatoris a ruler with unlimted power In the assemblies the plebian could elect tribunes who had VETO power over other branches. A veto is the power to reject a proposed action or law
Romulus and Remus were supposed to be divine like Hercules. Divine is meaning god or godlike Around 1000 B.C a people called the Latins settled in Latium A REPUBLIC is a goverment in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials the COUNSULS stood as the highest officials in the Roman goverment the MAGISTRATES were the main officials of the Roman Republic a DEBT BONDAGE is the practice of enslaving people who cannot pay their DEBT
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