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Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald

No description

Bria Coppin

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald

Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald
The tone was serious, suspenseful, melancholic, and ironic.
The setting was Briarwood, New Jersey.The event took place on July 4th. It was in modern times(21st century)
Main Characters
Jenna Ward
External Conflict
Everyone in the neighborhood are talking about the incident. It is making Michael feel even more bad about himself and Jenna is tired of people saying "I know how you feel" when they really don't.
Internal Conflict
It's hard for Michael to keep hearing about the incident without him wanting to confess. He doesn't want to be a "murderer". Even though it was an accident, he still did it. Jenna is feeling that she could have stopped her father's death.
In the book Swallowing Stones, Michael Mackenzie just turned 17 years old. He is at his birthday party on the 4th of July with his friend Joe and his brand new Winchester Rifle.
Project by Bria Coppin
Michael Mackenzie
The 15 year old daughter of Charlie Ward.She is in possible denial that her father has been killed.
The guy who shot the bullet that killed Charlie Ward. He is 17 years old, popular, attractive, and a star athlete.
Jenna's Conflict
Man vs. Self-She has trouble accepting the fact that her dad is dead. Near the end of the book, she has conflict with the feeling of guilt that she could have prevented her father's death.
Michael's Conflict
Man vs.Self-Michael fighting with himself to confess or not

Man vs.Society-Michael vs. the law
When Michael accidentally fires his rifle into the air, he later hears on the news that a man named Charles Ward got shot off of his roof around the same time that Michael had fired the gun.
Now knowing that Michael had committed manslaughter, Michael hides the gun and him and his friend Joe act like nothing has happened.
Jenna Ward, the daughter of Charles Ward is determined to find out who has killed her father.Read the rest to see if she finds the truth in her father's death.
The main characters both have all these problems that are hard to make disappear or hard tasks that are impossible to fulfill.
Michael goes to confess to Jenna the truth to keep the Ward family at peace. The book ended that Michael was standing in front of Jenna waiting for her to wake up to tell her the truth.
"Because this was a world where things you never thought could happen to you did. And where you didn't always get to choose your fate, or the people you love. Sometimes it just happened."-Michael
This quote shows the tone irony and that everything Michael thought would never happen to him has become his reality.
"A small stone had lodged in the girl's windpipe, choking her to death. Michael remembered thinking at the time that if she had only swallowed the stone, maybe she would have lived, but she had probably panicked and inhaled it."
I chose this quote because if Michael would have just "swallowed the stone" earlier the issue wouldn't have been as bad.
The theme of Swallowing Stones is accidents have repercussions and can be made even worse when you lie.
I chose this as the theme because Michael knew it was an accident but still didn't want anyone to know.
Personal Response
This book made me feel bad for both characters. Every year I have a party at my house on the 4th of July. I always hear loud noises from outside and wonder if they are fireworks or gunshots. But I know whatever goes up must come down.
What I Learned
I learned that piling lies up will just lead to a bigger mess and more trouble. I learned that if you just "swallow the stone" the outcome will be better than trying to get rid of it.
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