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Puerto Rico

No description

Brian Pena

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico people eat all kinds of food such as Asopao,made with either chicken or shellfish, Most visitors like fish and shellfish, they serve egg dishes which are called (tortilla). These foods are served at

celebrations in the country the country.
Languages and History of the Language
The main language spoken their is spanish but English is also spoken their like in America.
The Best Flag Ever
The Puerto Rican flag has a ios amazing and has a large and amazing history behind it
Climate of Puerto Rico
The climate is Tropical Marine with average temperatures year round, near 80 °F (26.7 °C) in lower elevations and 70 °F (21.1 °C) in the mountains.
Puerto Rico is the smallest copuntry in the caribian. It's on 9,104 sq km (3,508 sq mi) and is covered with beaches and mountains.
By: Kevin Paguay
Byron Camporverde
James Iezzi
Brian Pena

The first time the flag was ever used was on December 22, 1895. It was made to show it's independence fr
It was officially the countries flag on July 25, 1952 in New York City.
The White Star
The one with star on the flag stands for Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
The three red stripes symbolize blood and the two
white stripes sybolizes freedom of the individual
The triangle represent the three branches of the Republican government
The Triangle
Asopao is a Puerto Rican dish that usually contains many vegetables like peas and corn and also contains sea foods like fish. You can't walk past a reasturant without seeing aspano on the menu.
Do you like chicken? Chicken is a delicious food that is extremly popular in Puerto Rico. People own farms of chicken in their backyards. You can't walk a block without seeing or hearing chicken.bawk bawk
One of the most popular food choices in Puerto Rico is shellfish. Animals like crabs,lobster and clams are always on the menu. A country that is surround by water is bound to have some crabs lying around.
Some holidays that are in Puerto Rico that aren't celebrated in America are...
January 11-Birthday of Eugenio María de Hostos
March 22-Emancipation Day
April 16-Birthday of José de Diego
Third Monday of July- Don Luis Muñoz Rivera Birthday
July 25-Constitution of Puerto Rico Day
July 27-Birthday of Dr. José Celso Barbosa
November 19-Discovery of Puerto Rico
Music , Art, and Liturature
Famous Musians - Danndy Yankee, Ricky Martin, and Don Omar
Famous Artist- Francisco Oller and José Campeche
Famous Authors and Books- Jesus Colon (Father of the Nuyorican Movement) Esmeralda Santiago ( When i was Puerto Rican) and René Marques ( La Carreta)
Religious Celebrations

January 5 - Eve of Epiphany
January 6 Three Kings Day/Twelfth Night
the week before Ash Wednesday -Carnival
First day of Lent- Ash Wednesday
Sunday before Easter Sunday- Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday through Easter- Holy Week
Friday before Easter - Good Friday
Easter - Easter
June 24- Saint John's Day
December 24 -Christmas Eve
December 28- Day of the Innocents, Festival of the Masks

In Puerto Rico they use US dollars since the United States own it. They also use peso's that are the equivalent of a dollar in America.
The Beach.
If you were to go to Puerto rico most of the perimeter is beaches. You will see white sand and beaches everywhere.
Just like the beaches, Puerto Rico has tons of mountains to climb. It is a great tourust attraction. Some mountains are the Cerro El Bolo, Monte Jayuya and the Cerro Rosa. Mountains are the area of the country.
The Mountains
Country Map
Man Made Atractions
Castillo de San Felipe del Morris
Camuy Cave
El Yunque
The Veiques Biobay
Castillo de San Felipe del Morro is now a famous tourist attraction in Puerto Rico. It was a US base during world war 2. It was even used before that in the 15th and 20th century.
Castillo de San Felipe del Morro
The Veiques Biobay
The Veiques Biobay is one of the biggest attractions their. If you go on a moonless night you can see the bay water turn green and the fish swim leaving a streak behind them.
Culebrita beach is argued to be the nicest beach on the planet. The water is blue and the sand is white. Their is ltter on the sand or the water. It's perfect.
El Yunque
The Yunque or the Anvil is the only tropical rain forrest in US territories. It makes people want to get away from the sun and into the rain.
The Camuy Cave system is the third largest in the world. It is located by the yunque. The cave goes 600ft deep and is by a ungrounded river.
Camuy Cave
The main religion in Puerto Rico is christianity. The majority of Puerto Ricans are Roman Catholic but no religion is unwelcomed
The Peso and the Dollar
Origanally the Peso and the US dollar had two diffrent values untill October 15th 1982 when Puerto Rico changed the value of their pesos to be equivilant to the US dollar.
El Yunque has over 240 species of trees.
El Yunque is the tourist attraction that brings the most money to the country.
Puerto Rico is a self sefficunt country that is in US territories. Doesn't have it's own military but it uses the US's military. It makes most of it's money off of tourist
Even though Puerto Rico is a self sufficient nation on paper it's president is Barack Obama
House of Representative
Puerto Rico holds the 51st and the 21st in the House of Representative
Republican or Demacrat
Puerto Rico is classified as a high income society being ranked 60th in the world.
Puerto Rico is a demacratic society that runs under the forces of the US. It has been a democratic since 1917 when it was claimed US territory.
The Econamy
Hot Weather
Puerto Rico is usally sunny all year round. It never gets cold and they only have few rain stirms that may only last a hour.
Top five beach's of Puerto Rico
Iglesia San Blas de Illescas
Iglesia San Blas de Illescas is the oldest church in Puerto rico datinf back tom1579. It is a landmark that will not be torn down.
On November 19, 1493 Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to claim lands for the rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In 1493 the island was called Borinquen by the indians who lived there. Columbus named it San Juan Bautista.
Columbus's boats
Drug Bust
The FBI captured a person who had cocain that came from Dominican Republic to try to sell it in Puerto Rico. The person used the money to buy vessels, vehicles, and companies
Purto rico is in the shape Detrorit was in when they were bankrupt.
Poverty is very high in Purto rico

Drugs problems in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has many problems with drugs. it has many drug dealers and criminals. It's the biggest issue in the country right now
How many People?
40% percent of people went to jail in Puerto Rico because they were in position of drugs
The FBI captured a person who had cocain who came from Dominican republic to try to sell it in Puerto Rico. He used the money to buy vessel, vehicals, and company's
Puerto Rico is so know for having drugs that it's big products are cocaine heroin and marijuana. No place should be famous for having some sort of drugs.
Famous Drugs
Drug Bust
140,932.53 pounds of cocaine from private maritime vessels in Puerto Rico.
Cocaine in puerto rico
Criminals in Puerto Rico
40% of all criminals in Puerto Rico went to jail because of drugs.The drugs that they sell is weed and cocain
Drug bust 2
In 2002 a resident was arrested at the airport of Puerto Rico, The officials of the government found 12.7 kilograms of marijuana on his luggage.
The top five are
1) Flamenco Beach, Culebra
2) Luquillo Beach
3)Escambrón Beach, San Juan
4)Boquerón Beach, Cabo Rojo
5) Sun Bay, Vieques
The drugs that people bring to Puerto Rico
The three drugs that people mostly bring to Puerto Rico is cocaine,Marijuana,and heroin
Heroin is like a needle that contains bad drugs and people inject it into there blood system.
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