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dCloud 101

No description

Niko Niko

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of dCloud 101

Lets begin : dCloud 101 Next: Adding your devices Note the router's serial number from backside.
Then "register new endpoint router" - cisco 1811 Goto: Available demostrations Next: Configure your router How to dial internationally Login with your CCO account From the Navigation menu Review different configuration options Click "My Profile"
(go ahead and set that up) Choose configure your router manually To call Singapore from United States:
dial 9+011+65 + number Call United Kingdom from United States:
dial 9+011+44 +number from US from Abroad Call United States from United Kingdom:
dial 9+001 + number Call United States from Singapore:
dial 9+001+1 + number Collaboration:
Collaboration 9.0 v1 - Transform Work with Collaboration
Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning 9.0 v1
Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager BE 9.0 v1
Cisco Virtualization eXperience Infrastructure v3
Cisco Virtual Workspace (VXI) 2.7 v1
Work Your Way with the Cisco Unified Workspace v2
Remote Expert 1.8 v1
Choose from List of Demos Choose and select Start Now Telnet to router default GW IP
( using cmd prompt or putty) Paste the URL link into the router Open a cmd prompt and run "ipconfig" to get the router default GW ip address Next: Lets run a bandwidth test From My Dashboard choose " My Connection Tests" Choose " Run a Connection Test" (accept java request) Follow instructions From My Dashboard click " My Endpoint Routers " Next: Give 15/20 minutes for demo to become active. Choose either EMEAR or APJC Goto: dcloud.cisco.com Choose option 'Internet" on the next page Copy the configuration URL link (1st link) Reload the router after loading the config Select View Demo Topology
Session Details
Demonstration Documentation
Servers Follow the Demonstration Script Customer Collaboration:
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 9.0 v2
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 9.0 v2 Connect red/orange
cable to your laptop
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