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The Kite Runner Chapter 17

No description

Rebecca Fox

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Kite Runner Chapter 17

The Kite Runner Chapter 17
Amir Vs Self
: Amir struggles with the fact that his actions years ago had dire consequences. That, had he acted differently, Hassan might still be alive today.

Amir Vs Rahim Khan
: Rahim Khan expects Amir to right the wrongs he committed toward Hassan. Amir is still unable to find the courage to do what he knows is right.
"I remember he said to me 'Rahim, a boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up to anything.' I wonder, is that what you've become?" -Rahim Khan (221)
"Maybe Baba was right." -Amir
: Used to describe the sunset at the beginning of the chapter. Symbolizes
Immoral, Blood, Emotion
. Foreshadowing Hassans death and Amirs inner conflict.

Literary Techniques
: In Chapter 7 we are told of the brotherhood between Amir and Hassan for the first time. Amir has a memory of Baba telling him that he, Amir, and Hassan both shared the same nursemaid.

"They say there is a brotherhood between people who've fed from the same breast." (73)
In chapter 17 we and Amir discover that he and Hassan are in fact related by blood.

Amir storms out of Rahim Khan's apartment after their argument. Rahim Khan insists that Amir be the one to rescue Sohrab, saying it's his dying wish.
Amir is angry at his father and Rahim Khan for keeping the secret for so long. Angry that they hadn't told Hassan.
Main Characters

Rahim Khan


: Rahim Khan's apartment in Peshawar
Plot Twist
: Hassan is dead.
Amir and Hassan are half-brothers.
: Hearing Ali's name triggered memories of Ali being teased and called Babalu. (214)
After being told of Hassan's death, Amir thinks back to the hospital room in 1974 after Hassan's surgery. Amir noticed that he is the only one out of the people in that room who is neither dead nor dying. (219)
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