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Advertising Campaign

No description

Eryn Crowl

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Advertising Campaign

REKORDERLIG Advertising Campaign COMMUNICATION STRATEGY SWOT ANALYSIS + Cider is the fastest growing alcohol category in Australia (+21.7% in volume growth and +32.7% in value growth)* This growth indicates that consumers are looking for new beverage styles and are increasingly turning to cider
+ Broader trend towards easier drinking styles: change of palette preference in young Australians
+ UK influence: Australians traveling to Europe (most significantly the UK) acquire a demand for cider when returning back to Australia
+ A Summer beverage - an alternative to beer, wine and other alcohol KEY LEARNINGS PRODUCT INSIGHT:
*Packaging indicates fruit is involved yet dark bottle still links to beer
*Larger bottle implies more volume - more value for money
*Bottle can be kept and reused for other purposes CATEGORY INSIGHT:
*Cider is moving up the decision making ladder
*Cider becoming more popular - alternative to other drinks
*Generating a wider international demographic
*Unisex drink
*Beverage with a long tradition and history Challenges:
*Make Rekorderlig a more popular cider in the Australian market
*Compete with more popular ciders in market; Strongbow

*Make a lifestyle out of Rekorderlig
*Make social media presence stronger
*Increase availability in venues
*Drive consideration of Rekorderlig up in decision making
*Make cider drinking more socially acceptable Strengths:
*Strong underground brand name
*Taste; "a true smorgasbord of variants"
*Cider is coming out of shadow of beer
*Cider is a product with a rich tradition and heritage - traditional reputation of cider is coming back
*Cider is a new niche product
*Presents a quality, fresh alternative to other alcoholic beverages Weaknesses:
*Lack of availability
*Lack of strong online presence
*Poor advertising execution of former campaigns
*Significant isolation of potiental audience; "beautifully Swedish"
*Cider is underdeveloped in Australia as opposed to Europe Opportunities:
*Create bigger, international audience by
creating a concept that can be relatable
*Use of social media; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc
*Cider is underdeveloped in Australia - great potential in market
*Adoption of cider on tap in venues Threats:
*Leading cider brand in Australia is Strongbow
*Better execution from other alcoholic beverages both in digital and print advertising TARGET AUDIENCE:
* 18 - 30
*Want something more from usual alcoholic beverage
*Drink shows who they are; part of a wider collective who think, act, look a certain way
*Carefree, fun, young at heart, playful, free of responsibilities, invincible CONSUMER INSIGHT:
*Wants a drink that is refreshing and reminds them of good times
*Want cool packaging to uphold image
*Want to belong to the collective group that drinks Rekorderlig
*Want to be ahead of the trend - drinking Rekorderlig can do this SUPPORT FOR PROPOSITION:
- Rekorderlig proposes a lifestyle to consumers through various forms of media
- It's an escape for consumers PROPOSITION:
- the new campaign will focus on Rekorderlig's current statement of being "a journey of exploration, innovation and invigoration"
- focus on a youthful sentiment
- fresh, fruity and bubbly, perfect addition to parties and when you need a moment to relax
- it will still be of "high end, premium design and modesty" BRAND BENEFITS:
- Rekorderlig is versatile and can be enjoyed in summer and winter
- This can be catered well to different promotional events
- Integrate with summer music festivals such as Falls Music and Arts Festival. As it goes for 3 days, this example is the perfect setting of a relaxing and fun environment to enjoy Rekorderlig.
- Pop-up parties and restaurants THE BRAND: BUDGET:
*The primary goal of this campaign is to readjust the image of the brand and create a new way that Rekorderlig can be perceived in the market
* The proposed concept ‘Order in chaos’ is much more targeted to a younger market
* Campaign will have potential for really creative and attractive advertisements
* Brand image will be improved with the target market and will improve the reputation of Rekorderlig. MEDIA SCHEDULE
JANUARY- Initial launch of Youtube video and television commercial. TVC to run throughout cricket season on mainstream channels.
FEBRUARY- Continuation of TVC and YouTube videos, release of outdoor advertising in the Melbourne CBD
MARCH- Release of magazine advertisements in Melbourne
APRIL- Continuation of all of these advertising strategies. Distribution of coasters to Melbourne bars and pubs which stock Rekorderlig
MAY- Continuation of all these advertising strategies, lessen number of television commercials
JUNE – TVC to be redesigned to incorporate winter flavours to encourage consumers to still buy even though seasons have changed. MEDIA PLAN: Media Objectives and Target Audience:
* Both new and traditional forms of media will be utilised
*social media, television commercials, magazine advertisements, outdoor advertisements (bus stops etc) and coasters for bars and pubs
*All advertisements both video, print or otherwise will have a message to drink responsibly. THE BIG IDEA: STRATEGY DECISION: Core Value Proposition:
"rekORDERlig in chaos"

* Current Campaign – Swedish School. Ties in with the ‘Beautifully Swedish adverts
* Little relevance outside of Sweden

Creative ideas:
* Research – All things Swedish….
* Abba, The Cardigans
* People – Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman
* Swedish stereotypes

Ideas included:
* Gateway to Hipsterhood
* People consuming Rekorderlig and listening to an Abba song and gradually morphing into the famed band members. Same concept with some of the other acclaimed bands.
* Sweden won Eurovision 2012….
* Stereotyping the ‘traditional’ Swedish man, Sven.

* Seasonality
* Music festivals/similar events over summer.
* Food/’Fruit’ Fight
* End to end campaign…

PR Ideas:
To work in concert with the chosen advertising campaign we also devised a few PR/marketing type ideas:
* Twitter/Instagram
* Fun facts on the underside of each bottle top Schedule pattern and rationale
* The campaign will be implemented over a six month period to begin January 2013
* First to be released will be the television advertisement campaign, to be aired during sporting events and later night television on the main networks
* YouTube video to be released in conjunction with TVC
* Implementation of the magazine and outdoor campaigns to follow
* Coasters will be released as a follow up advertisement to the other more mainstream tactics *Social Media*Television*Magazine*Outdoor*Other (Pub/Bar) MEDIA MIX: Risk Analysis/Assessment:
* Risks associated with drinking (underage/binge)
* Weather
* Missing the mark with our audience BRAND PERSONALITY:
- order in chaos
- a flexible campaign that does not discriminate between demographics
- links in well with various social media platforms BRAND ATTRIBUTES:
- the packaging of Rekorderlig commits to it's vintage and "classic modest" look
- this is on trend and a style that will remain distinctive
- the label effectively communicates what the drink is
- it demonstrates the "order in chaos" ethos
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