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No description

Sonya Dobbin

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Parable of THE LOST SHEEP

What is a Parable?
The Lost Sheep
The Hidden Message
How it conveys its message
Parables are stories told by Jesus which tells us a hidden message.
The message for this parable is that God is our Shepard and we are his sheep. If one of his children go missing he leaves his ninety nine children alone, and goes looking for the lost and scared child, when he finds us he happily puts us on his shoulder, forgives us and celebrates our arrival.
A Shepard is always watching over his sheep he protects them from getting eaten and anything bad that could happen to them. He would count them often and always knows how many he has, if one went missing he would leave his ninety nine sheep and go and look for that one lost sheep and when he finds it will rejoice.
No one can ever do anything that cannot be forgiven by God. We may do wrong things but we need to know that we just have to keep coming back to God over and over again. He is a merciful God.
Jesus says come as you are......... and he means it! God wants to take His sheep home.
What we need to know...
Help us to understand the parable
In the parable:
The sheep represent God's followers
The Shepard represents God

The Shepard has to find the sheep and bring it back to its home. It doesn't punish the sheep because he is just glad that the sheep is back safely. God does the same thing by helping sinners get back on his path.

Draw a poster size "Cartoon Strip" based on the Parable of the Lost sheep

Success criteria
• Knowledge of the parables must be clearly evident through the illustrations
• Creativity must be shown through imaginative illustrations
• Detail, use of colour and presentation are very important

Homework Assessment
Parable of the Lost Sheep
Parables about Reconciliation
Parable of
1. The main character of the parable has lost something valuable to them: one a shepherd who has lost a sheep, the other a woman who has lost a valuable coin.
2. The main character searches for the lost item.
3. The main character finds the lost sheep or coin.
4. The main character celebrates the finding of the lost object, even to the point of calling their friends together to celebrate with them.
In the same way when someone accepts Jesus as their Lord, angels in Heaven rejoice.
Learning Intentions
Learning Intentions:
1. Know the parable of the Lost sheep and lost coin and their hidden meanings
2. Understand what is meant by reconciliation
3. Be able to complete to draw a poster size "Cartoon Strip" based on the Parable of the Lost sheep
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