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31 Things about Me

No description

Sinan Al Najjar

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of 31 Things about Me

1 Hint: I love them :D That movie is AWESOME! That's right my dads Awesome. ;) All of these people ROCK! Best day EVER! YUMMY! HILARIOUS! He's Hilarious! Red is cool too. Nice Save! Home Sweet Home! It's an awesome show! My name is Sinan and this is me. 2 Culture 3 Favorite Movie 4 Favorite Sport Soccer 5 Favorite Food Ribs 6 Favorite Brand Axe 7 Favorite video Game Fifa Soccer 12 8 Rush Hour 3 Favorite band Maroon 5 9 Favorite Show WWE 10 Favorite People in the World Family 11 Favorite Song Maroon 5 One More Night 12 My Inspiration DAD! 13 Favorite past Time Last Day of Summer Favorite Group of People Friends 14 Favorite Picture Dude I`m joking
your not adopted 15 16 Favorite Snack Chocolate 17 Things I like doing Watching TV Playing on the Computer Playing PS3 Playing Soccer 18 Favorite Drink Brisk 19 Favorite Time of Day Afternoon 20 Favorite Board Game Taboo Person I love GOD!! :D 21 Favorite Actor Chris Tucker 22 Favorite Colour BLUE 23 24 25 27 28 29 30 31 Favorite Piece of Clothing Shoes Favorite thing to do Sleep 26 Favorite Funny Person Josh Peck Favorite Soccer Player Iker Casillas Favorite Place Home Favorite Kids Show Pair of Kings Favorite Number SIX Also my birthday number :D That's 31 things about ME :D Favorite Funny Video Charlie Bit My Finger :D
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