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lilian tawfik Prezi

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Nicaragua

Aztecs made:
Lilian Tawfik
Rawan Nusair
Saudi Arabia
As you know Aztecs had a religion.They believed
that they must go to war, kill people and sacrifice themselves for their gods. They also build pyramids as temples. By the year of 1400 Aztecs had part of the mexican region. But they didn't know what was coming, until an Aztec priest realized the omens where in doom. It was not until 1519 when the spanish conquered the Aztecs.
The Aztecs
What did Aztecs belive in?
More than 100 gods
Gods had to be fed by human
Attack people and sacrafice themselfs to god
Interesting facts!
If a pregnant women gave birth to a new born child ,it was said that it was like getting a prisoner out of war. If she dies, they think she would've died in battle.
The great king lived in a palace full of tremendous gardens and a zoo.
Aztecs traveled by foot.
Daily life of the Aztecs:
Women cook,weave, and clean.
Men take care of the family and farm.
Children helped there parents.
They spoke a language called, Nahuati
Social Structures of the Aztecs

First were important people such as king or a member of an important family.

Second were servents to king

Third were slaves
Rulers of the Aztecs:

The rulers names (from the beginning to the end):
Montezuma I
Montezuma II -

What where the Aztec's greatest Achievements?

Aztecs invented pop corn, chocolate and gum.

Made seasonal calenders to know when to harvest.

Had amazing Art works

Built the largest cities in the world
How did the Aztecs farm?
Used aqueducts to grow plants

What did Aztecs farm?
Intresting Facts...
. Incas can do skull surgeries
. The prince has to marry his sister
. Everyone was fed, no homeless.

Like Aztecs and Mayans, Incas killed human and sacrificed there life for there gods. Incas were the largest civilization in Pre-Colombian America. It was a successful civilization. Until the year of mid 1500s when the Spanish arrived. The Incas stronghold was conquered by Spain.

Daily life of the Incas:

People would communicate with a language call Quechua.
Bow and arrow, slings, throwing spears, bolas where some weapons they used.
Incas used to eat corn, potatoes, and some other farming food.
Social Studies Structure:
Noble lived a life of luxury. They where the richest. Of course they have to work but not as much as the Peasants and the Allyus.
Allyus ( a group of extended families) would share their belongings and their lands.
Peasants would work all day farming other people's lands
Incas rulers:
Túpac Inca Yupanqui
Huayna Capac
Agriculture of the Incas:

Their calendar was accurate.
They developed new plants for food and medical opposes.
They where really good at farming.
The Incas believed in:
Inti (the sun god)
Viracocha (the creator)
Illapa (the weather/thunder god)
Pachamama (the earth goddess)
Mamacocha (the sea goddess)
Mamaquilla (the moon goddess)
How are descendants of the Mayans living today?
They didn't go to war, kill people, or sacrifice themselves to feed there gods.
The Maya civilization is a very colorful region
It is important that they go to the mountains everyday and are offered with chickens, candles, and alcohol.
Incas Government:
Alone at the top of the pyramid was the Sapa Inca
Supreme Council (4 men)
Provincial Governors
Officials (army officers, priests, judges, and others from the noble class)
Tax collectors. There were several levels of tax collectors.
Major Achievements and Inventions:
The most accurate calendar
They invented drums, flutes and panpipes.
Specialized Professions
Service Tax
Strong Central Government
Watch a quick video!

Maya was an excellent civilization. They are very clever.Like the Egyptians, the Mayas are well known for pyramids.Their amazing architecture remain as great ruins at centers they used for religious ceremonies.
Watch a quick video!
Daily life/culture:
Nobles would wear:
The wealthy wore colorful clothing made from animal skins.
Commoner would wear:
The men often wore loincloths while the women wore long skirts.
Mayas ate corn,tortillas, porridge, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, black beans, and papaya.

Social Studies Structure:
Aztec culture
. Aztecs had a very artistic culture
. They had many belfes and myths
. Dancing and singing were ways to please the god in there culture.
Merchants and artisans
Peasants and slaves


They made the concept of zero.
Many Mayans still live in their home regions until today!
The Mayans had many excellent medical practices.
Some Mayans still practice blood sacrifice.
The last Maya state existed until 1697.
Mayas end was a mystery.
Mayan rulers:
King Hasaw Chan K'awil
King Waxaklahun Ubah K'awil
King Hanab Pankal

Mayans Achievements
Invention of the number 0
They made solar calenders
Cities build Mexico today and central America

What are some things the all of these civilizations had in common?
All three believed in many gods.
They all sacrifice humans for their gods.
They had similar outfits.
They all are excellent at farming.
They all have been attacked by the Spanish.

Religion :
They believed in Gods that helped them in nature.
Such as the:
-God of rain
-Goddess of rainbow
-God of sun
Without these Gods they couldn't farm.
They also believed in afterlife and underworld.

Mayan Agriculture

Soils where rocky, but plants could grow by the large amount of rain they receive each year.
Farmers grew corn,cacao, and drinks.
Corn was very important to them because they could make drinks food recipes, and hats.
They had villages for fishing
Long before the spanish attack Mayans used to hunt deers, bird, monkeys, and other kinds of animals.

Block E
In what ways have the traditions of the civilizations been kept alive today?
A lot of them still believe in many gods.
Probably all of them where the same clothes.
Their calenders are still accurate till this day.
How Aztec descendants live today?
Aztecs Follow the same tradition besides killing humans and sacrificing themselves.
They sell corn, go to markets,festivals, and weave traditionally. (Not all)


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Well, most Mayans still wear the same outfits and they still believe in more than one god. Some even use the calendars they used to use. Others still eat sweet potato, and corn.
In what ways have the traditions of the civilizations have been kept today?
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