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No description

Hemillyo DeveMerson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Silver

Element Symbol - Ag
Group Members- Kimiyo Bremer,
Emma Davidson, Holly DeMita
Period 5
Grade 8
May 3, 2010 Atomic Number- 47
Atomic Mass- 107.8682 amu
Classification- Metal
Group- 11 When discovered
about 3000 or 4000 BC
It isn't completely known but a lot of silver was found in slag dumps in Asia minor and on islands in the Aegean Sea
Most everywhere
Person who discovered
Common Historical Uses
jewelry, silver ware, cook ware, sometimes used for medicine.
Substances found in time period
gold and copper Physical Properties:
It is a soft, white metal but has a very shiny surface.
It is the most ductile metal
It is the most malleable metal
It conducts heat and electricity better than any other element
Reflects light extremely well
Density is 10.49 grams per cubic centimeter
Chemical Properties:
It is a very inactive metal
Does not react with oxygen in air under normal circumstances
The tarnish that develops on silverware or jewelry over time is silver sulfide.
Doesn't react readily with water, acids or many other compounds
It does not burn except as silver powder
Modern Uses:
About 10 percent of silver produced in the US is used in coins, jewelry, and artwork.
Silver is commonly used in alloys with gold. Gold is too soft in its pure form so adding siver creates a much stronger, longer-lasting substance.
Over half of the silver in the US goes to photographic film.
Silver is the most desirable of all metals for electrical equipment.

Interesting Facts!
When silver gets on skin, it can cause a bluish appearance known as argyria or argyrosis.
Breathing in silver dust can have serious long-term health effects also.
Silver was used as a purifying agent for water in the first space shuttle program. This is a silver thimble. Bricks of whole silver
Shaped silver art Bricks of silver with engravings
Close up of silver with
chemical symbol Silver in its
original form
Silver made into jewelry
Ex. This ring
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