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Developing your PLN through Edmodo

No description

Shane Sands

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Developing your PLN through Edmodo

Shane Sands

Objectives for today
What is a PLN?

Social professional development, why sharing is important?

Edmodo meets CCSS

Edmodo explained

Using Edmodo to build PLN's within your district or school
Professional Learning Network (PLN)
Why PLN's and sharing are important
Lets go to Edmodo.com to look at the different ways to create a PLN for your School, district or personal professional development.
Developing your PLN through
Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN) embodies people whose professional opinion you trust, your colleagues, mentors, supervisors and friends.

These people can answer your questions and recommend useful resources, websites and blogs, refer you to experts, guide your learning, offer support and feedback.

With all the tools available to us online, we can connect with many professionals around the world thus expanding our PLN and growing our knowledge. Your PLN can become the main source of your ongoing professional development.

Join our group: jfsbiz
Mike Bunten

Extracted from www.jumpassociates.com 1/6/14
QR created at http://www.qr-code-generator.com/
Edmodo rate 3rd best free ed tech resources by Edudemic.com

(Extracted 1/7/14)

Managing Vs. Leading

"Leadership is finding opportunities that are coming at it faster and faster and successfully exploiting those opportunities. Leadership is about vision, about people buying in, about empowerment and, most of all, about producing useful change. Leadership is not about attributes, it’s about behavior. And in an ever-faster-moving world, leadership is increasingly needed from more and more people, no matter where they are in a hierarchy."
pln Symbaloo

Thank you for joining us! @sandsteacher @mikebunten
Technology adoption bell curve
If we expect our students to be independent learners then we need to model that same behavior in our personal scholarly pursuit.
5 Reasons to for social media in education
Can be good for collecting information.
Content curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content specific to subject matter.

Allows for positive promotion.
It's important to keep up with current trends in education and real time information.
Allows for better communication, collaboration, dialogue and more personal connections with like minded people.
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