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welcome 2nds

No description

maria teresa zamora carbajal

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of welcome 2nds

To acquire Physics concepts.
Stimulate observation, analysis, reasoning and the ability to draw conclusions.
Promote reading.
60 % Tests (bimonthly, partial, diagnostic, final, etc)
 10 % Classwork
 10 % Lab
 10 % Project
 10 % Homework and activities (pasted on the notebook and checked)
NOTE: the percentages may change depending on the activities during each period.
Basic Material
Small square notebook professional style.
Milimetric paper.
Protractor and ruler.
Laboratory white coat.
IMA’s laboratory manual.
Requirements for
taking the
period test
 80% attendance in the bimester
 80% of homework done
 Complete notebook (notebook is checked daily)
 Exams signed and checked and pasted
Discipline Rules
 Respect everybody in the classroom and lab.
 All homework must be handed on time.
 Drinking or eating in the classroom and laboratory is not allowed. Especially in laboratory.
 All works should follow these guide lines: Hand written, Letter size paper, headings should include: Name, date, group, roll number, and title.
If you use stuff like cellphones, ipods, psp, toys, brushes, makeup or similar objects in the class they are going to be picked up and returned according to the school rules.
All the exams, homework, books, or notebooks without name, group and roll number are not going to be graded.
You must keep the spaces between the chairs free of objects.
If there is found that a homework is a copy of another homework, both will get zero.
If you have books or notebooks of another subject or if you are studying or making homework of another subject, everything is going to be picked up. The books or notebooks will be deliver to the teacher of the subject you were doing homework.
All the exams must be signed by the parents and checked by the teacher to have the right to know your bimonthly grade.
Let's know each other:
who's the student with the longest name?
who's the student with the best smile?
who's the tallest student?
who’s birth in august?
who is 15 years?
who has read "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”?
who has shoe size 24?
who birth in the 2nd of any month?
who's left handed?
who's an only child?
Every material
be tagged with your name.
The student must bring all the required material to the laboratory. If any material is forgotten in the classroom, the student will not be allowed to go back to the classroom. And it will be considered as incomplete.
Please write the following message at the back your first cover:

"We have read the subject framework and we acknowledge the evaluation system"

Remember that you and your parents must sign this.
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