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Inventing the Telephone

No description

Mary Ellen Cameron

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Inventing the Telephone

"Watson, come quick"
These are three very short words but they
are history. They are the very first words ever spoken over
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
Alexander was born in Edinburg Scotland U.K.
He has been labeled as "one of the most influential figures of all time".
As a boy he was always curious as to how things worked.
He wanted to invent a device that would provide better communication than the telegraph was giving at that time.
At that time, the telegraph was the best mode of long distance communication that existed.
The telephone was only part of his work. Bell's main goal in life was to research hearing and speech for deaf people and he considered the telephone as an "intrusion on his real work as a scientist".
He did not have a telephone in his study.
What does the telephone do?
The change in society
How did this invention change society?
The telephone changed society by actually allowing people to talk to each other while hearing the other's voice and being far away at the same time.
Also only you and the other person talking could know what you're saying now where as with the telegraph, there would always be the post mistress (telegraph lady) or post master. He or she would hear your message and write it for you when sending or a receiving a message for you.
Inventing the Telephone
Up until 1876 no one ever communicated with any one unless talking to them face to face, or through hand written letters.
Then they heard about the telephone.
This device allowed people to talk to each other and hear their voice with out them being in the same room.
The great inventor
Bell's primary work
Bell's primary work revolved around developing hearing devices for deaf people
Bell however never made any sort of hearing device because he "did not have the necessary knowledge"
the most likely reason for his interest in the deaf was that both his mother and wife were deaf
one of his patients was the famous Helen Keller who was not only deaf but blind and mute too. She learned how to speak again with help from her nurse Annie Sullivan
Any other
During the making of the telephone Bell also made the first microphone.
Is the telephone a
good invention?
The telephone is a great invention
It allowed instant talk with people far away
You could only receive a telegram when you were delivered the paper message
Then and Now
The telephone has changed so much over the past 100 years
First there was no dial only an operator. Then you could dial the number yourself by twisting a holed circle. Then pressing buttons were invented.
Now new smart/super phones are being thought of and invented every day.
Skype / Face time added visuals to sound for distance communication.
The telephone is probably one of the greatest inventions of all time.
It allows long distance communication in a much more personal manner.
It allows instant contact with friends and family.
"tele" means "far"; "phone" means "sound". That's why we call this means of distant communication the telephone.
thanks for watching !!
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