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Baker College Work Experience Orientation (Online Campus)

If you have questions about this orientation please contact Tammy Mattison at tammy.mattison@baker.edu

Niki Perkins

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of Baker College Work Experience Orientation (Online Campus)

Experience Process
1. Site Placement Process
2. The Interview
3. Finalization of Placement Details
a. Letter of Understanding (LOU)
b. Work Plan (WP)
4. Course Registration
5. The Experience Course (Bb)

#1 Login to HQconnect to Complete Application
Items Needed to Complete Application
Step Plan information
Steps to access Step Plan:
www.baker.edu > SOLAR System > STAR System > Academic Office > Step Plan/Rotation
Select Undergraduate > Current Program > Review the information for accuracy > Submit
Click on View/Save/Print Step Plan to view the Step Plan
Information needed to complete Application: Degree, Major, Work Experience Course Name/Number (example – WRKBS201, CRJ281A) and UIN
Current, error-free resume
Login to HQconnect Steps
www.baker.edu > Solar System > Star System > Career Services Department > HQ Connect Sign-on
Complete the Work Experience Application
Click on Profile > Work Experience
Complete the full Application and click on Submit at the bottom
#1 Site Placement Process
The site placement process occurs through a variety of methods
Resume Upload
Must be current and error-free
Must be uploaded to Handshake in the Documents section
After review and approval, Career Services will send resume out to potential experience sites
Background checks
are required for some programs. Please discuss potential problems or barriers with Career Services.
To make the site placement process run smoothly it is imperative that you respond to ALL calls and emails from Career Services and/or Employers within 24 hours
Failing to respond in a timely manner could result in missing out on a great internship opportunity!
Health Students ONLY – Proof of Insurance
Health Science students must provide status of health insurance
Provide copy of health insurance card or complete the Declination of Insurance form
#2 The Interview
Interviewing for an internship is very similar to interviewing for a “real” job. Keep in mind your internship could turn into a “real” job offer! These videos can help you land your internship or next job! If you have questions or need help preparing for an interview Career Services is here for you. Contact us today!

#3 Finalization of Placement Details
Once a site is secured…

# 4 Course Registration
Once the Letter of Understanding (LOU) and Work Plan (WP) are signed and submitted, Career Services will forward student names to the Academic Office for registration into the appropriate course section which accompanies your experience.

You must be registered for the Experience course no later than the Friday before the next quarter begins.
If you do not meet this deadline your Experience course will have to be postponed to the next quarter.

IMPORTANT - Students cannot register for the Experience course on their own; Career Services must register students for this course.

#5 The Experience Course (Bb)
You will be enrolled into the mandatory Blackboard (Bb) component

If you do not begin your work hours during the first week of the quarter, you are still required to complete the course assignments in Bb for the week

IMPORTANT - Weekly assignments must be completed in order to pass the course; final course grades are awarded only if ALL work hours AND academic requirements are met!

If you complete your experience hours before the end of the course, you are still required to participate in the Bb course and complete all assignments

The Final Student Evaluation must be submitted to your Instructor by the end of the quarter or as soon as you complete 120 hours; don’t wait!!

Questions about your course assignments should be directed to your Instructor
The course instructor will be responsible for grading of all assignments and final grades


Experience Orientation
The Road Ahead...
Job Interview Tips -
How to Prepare for a Job Interview 3:28

How to Prepare a Self-
Introduction (Elevator Pitch) 4:07

Resume & Job Interview Tips:
How to Follow Up After a Job
Interview 1:49

How to Ace a Telephone
Interview & Get the Job 2:38

Interview Dos and Don’ts 4:15

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Female Interview Attire 2:16

Establish a start date that aligns with the start of the quarter
Complete and sign the following documents:
Work Plan (WP)
Describes the type of work to be performed
Details estimated weekly and cumulative hours to be completed in the quarter; minimum of 120 hours required
Letter of Understanding (LOU)
Experience contract between Student, Site Supervisor and College Personnel
Outlines expectations and responsibilities of all parties

Both the WP and LOU must be signed by BOTH student and employer. These documents need to be scanned and emailed to Career Services immediately after the offer is extended and accepted.
Reminder - Health Students ONLY – Proof of Insurance
Health Science students must provide status of health insurance
Provide copy of health insurance card or complete the Declination of Insurance form
Contact your Instructor
with questions about…
Blackboard (Bb)

Contact Career Services
with questions about…
Hours; minimum 120 required
Experience Site/Supervisor Issues
Experience Site/Supervisor Great News!

Contact us if you get HIRED!!!
Internships are a great way to land a
new career; share your news with
Career Services!

NAME: Tammy Mattison
JOB TITLE: Career Advisor
EMAIL: tammy.mattison@baker.edu
PHONE: 810-766-4246
OFFICE HOURS: M-F 8am to 5pm EST
Gain experience and explore career options in your field of study

Network with career professionals in your field

Obtain references from new professional contacts

Add career-related experience to your resume

Recognize and practice good work habits
Internship Info from Employers! 10:07
Good reasons for an internship,
my experience! 2:50
Experience Overview
1. On-site hours completed at experience site
Minimum of 120 hours to be completed by the end of the quarter

2. Academic course work (delivered via Blackboard)
Written assignments
Reflection Questions
Final Student Evaluation, completed by Supervisor

Two Mandatory Components
Next Steps:
Make sure you upload your most current resume into Handshake so it can be reviewed
Complete your Handshake profile
Complete the
Experience Orientation Completed Attendee Survey - Online campus Fall 2016
in Handshake
(follow the instructions in the email to locate it)
Contact me via email once you have completed the three steps above
Start searching for a site
Stay in contact with me regularly!
Reply to my calls and emails within 24 hours for best success

Application Completed!
What Happens Next?
Career Services & Program Officials will review each application and determine if the student is eligible for the work experience course or an ELC (Experiential Learning Credit)
Once approved for the Work Experience Course
Students will be notified via email to upload their most current, error-free resume to HQconnect>Documents
Begin working with Career Services to secure a work experience site

If approved for an ELC (Experiential Learning Credit), students will be notified via email
Current process is ending!! Deadline to complete current process is November 13th
New Process effective winter 2016 - WRKEL201 course
*Note: In Handshake information regarding your internship/externship is housed under the Experiences section. Therefore, your internship/externship will be referred to as Experience from this point forward.
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