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Conformity in David Williamson's Dead White Males

Made for the purposes of my Individual Oral Presentation (IOP) for the International Baccalaureate Higher Level English Literature course. My IOP explored how Australian playwright David Williamson portrays conformity in his play "Dead White Males."

Kathleen Guan

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Conformity in David Williamson's Dead White Males

"Conformity is the tendency to align your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with those around you." "It's a powerful force that can take the form of overt social pressure or subtler unconscious influence." "As much as we like to think of ourselves as individuals, the fact is that we're driven to fit in." The Asch Conformity
Experiments 1962 Candid Camera episode titled "Face the Rear" What is
conformity? Conformity in David Williamson's How does
Williamson depict conformity in
Dead White Males? Dead White Males Solomon Asch William
Shakespeare Post-Structuralism Dr Grant Swain the varied constructions of "reality" Liberal Humanism shuns the dominant patriarchal
system ANGELA Surely we can step outside ideology?
SWAIN Into what Angela?
STEVE Reality.
SWAIN Which particular version of reality Steve? Patriarchal ideology constructs a reality in which women can only feel normal if they're married and heterosexual, radical feminist ideology constructs a reality in which women can only feel normal as separatist lesbians.
MELISSA No one 'constructs my reality. I'm not becoming a lesbian and if I get married it'll be because I choose to be.
SWAIN Why have you already ruled out the lesbian option?
MELISSA Because I'm not attracted to women.
SWAIN Could that possibly be because the dominant patriarchal ideology has constructed you to feel guilt and disgust at the very thought? Stereotypes,Prejudices & Discrimination indigenous
peoples women by Kathleen Guan
IB HL English Literature
Individual Oral Presentation xenophobia men gender roles CONFORMITY IN DEAD WHITE MALES Feminisim Thank you.
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