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media and democracy

Grade 12 lesson about the influence of the media upon a democracy

Hannes Wessels

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of media and democracy

Nation building
Raize awareness
Protect democracy
Promotes freedom of speech
Public remains informed Media and democracy Conclusion Thank you for your attention! Tell me:

Three different media systems in the world
The different types of media
The good and bad influences of the media
How the media protects a democracy Lets Recap: The media has a very important role to play in society
In South Africa it protects our democracy
But the media can also have a bad influence Media: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely Propaganda:
Spreading a particular or chosen doctrine or standpoint. A specific type of message that aims to influence the opinions of people rather than to provide impartial information. What is the media Media and Democracy What influence does the media actually have? Bad The media can have a good and bad influence The influence of the media Private or corporate owned systems: √
It is a wealthy, large and aggressive profit driven system √
e.g. USA √ Integrated (hybrid) systems : √
This is a combination of state and corporate media √
e.g Canada, England, Japan and South Africa √ State or Government – owned systems:
These often go together with state sponsored system and undemocratic system of government
e.g China, Saudi Arabia and Iran √ Three different media systems Let's look at the following examples Different types of media include 1) PRESS (includes newspapers, magazines, etc)
5) WEB / INTERNET Good Can promote hatespeech
Influence the public
News can be subjective/bias
Can create stereotypes
Unnecessary exposure
Can lead to propaganda
Couch Patatoes
Can promote the wrong values
Justin Bieber The media has a very important responsibility to keep the public (you) informed
They have the ability to criticize the goverment and expose corruption.
The media can also expose abuses of human rights Freedom of expression It is a fundamental human right in South Africa
Everyone has the right to say what they want, exhange ideas, and expresses themselves UNLESS it promotes hatespeech, voilence and propaganda When is freedom of speech limited?
In South Africa it is not,
But in some countries like freedom of speech is limited Internet criticized
It creates inequallity
Hate sites
Plagiarism and quality Developing countries does not have access to the internet, there leaving a great gap between developing and developed countries It is very easy to create a hate site and not be censored Paedophiles use websites for child pornography and to exploit children
They also use social sites like Mxit and Facebook to 'prowl' It is very easy to copy and paste work and claim that it is yours
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