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Keen Guides Content Partnerships

Interested in distributing your content through Keen? Watch this presentation and you'll get an overview of the benefits.

Keen Guides

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Keen Guides Content Partnerships

Perks with Keen. your brand for locals and tourists. Use our platform to see how your content can be used via a smartphone. Reach new Explore Mobile Platform We don't just focus on the new phones or the most popular ones. Easy as 1-2-3. places
around you. a
tour video. the video and
learn something new! 1. 2. 3. Keen Guides makes tourism and more fun by showcasing videos from quality content creators. With the Keen Guides application from your smartphone, you can: Strengthen Free Users can watch a video
at any place for free. Share easier Distribution We'll also share with you some analytics that help you understand your reach. audiences independent revenue videos When people buy your walking tours, we share the revenue. Walking tours You put together a "tour" which is a sequence of videos selected from specific sites. like " "

or " ." DC for Kids Foodie tour of Little Italy You put a price on it. You can market it. It'll be on the app and web for people to buy. & fun educational View this short slideshow to learn how
Keen Guides can help you reach more people. Find Choose Play 4/16 14/16 7/16 9/16 12/16 13/16 (click to advance slide.) 1/16 8/16 10/16 Your videos about cool places Our mobile platform a PERFECT MATCH Content Partners are Key. Keen Guides relies on quality video content to offer tourists and locals with an unprecedented experience on a smartphone where you come in: and that's Your video is placed on the "site" page. From here, users: b. Your brand name and logo is prominently placed on this view. Find out basic information
about the site. (website, description,
hours, admission) View the video providers & their description. a. c. (off the beaten path, Expert Art Historian.) Make a selection and play the video. (watch it in their hands right in front of the site.) 5/16 6/16 Make Micro-Donation features available. money & 11/16 be your own tour guide. +
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