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Monday 5.8.17

No description

Amy Swanson

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Monday 5.8.17

ELA Challenge
Today's challenge presents 9 rebuses. A rebus is a visual representation of a common expression. You will have two minutes to interpret as many as you can.
Monday 5.8.17
Achieve 3000
Complete the lesson called "Making Decisions."
You are not required to do the thought question.
The Outsiders
chapter 3
--Finish reading through page 48
--Discuss: what are the rules for being a soc/being a greaser?
-- How does this compare with social groups at TFMS?
Social Science at TFMS
In a small group, analyze the different cliques at TFMS.
Finish Chapter 3 and Analyze Conflict
Use text evidence to analyze the types of conflict that occur in this chapter.
Greek and Latin roots
Lesson 28 Some Body Words
What does a carnival have to do with "carn"?
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