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Plot of "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle"

No description

Huy Pham

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Plot of "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle"

The Very True Plot of "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle It's a horrible line, I know... The Inciting Incident, the Conflict, the Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-It-Problem Charlotte Doyle had to make a voyage across the Atlantic being the only female passenger aboard the mysterious Seahawk. Setting The story took place around 1832 aboard the Seahawk travelling from Liverpool, England to Providence, Rhode Island. The author Avi created a dark, ominous, eerie, and suspenseful mood. Characters Charlotte Doyle- Protagonist
Mr. Grummage- A Liverpool employee of Mr. Doyle
Mr. Keetch- 2nd mate, then crewmate
Mr. Barlow- Crewmate
Zachariah- Cook, surgeon, carpenter, and preacher to man and ship
Mr. Samuel Hollybrass- 1st mate
Captain Andrew Jaggery- Antagonist, hot-tempered captain
Mr. Dillingham- Crewmate
Mr. Grimes- Crewmate
Mr. Morgan- Crewmate
Mr. Foley- Crewmate
Mr. Ewing- Crewmate
Mr. Fisk- Crewmate, then Zachariah's jobs
Mr. Johnson- Crewmate, then 2nd mate
Mr. Cranick- Former crewmate, stowawayed for revenge
Mr. Doyle- Charlotte's high-expecting dad
The rest of Charlotte's family who barely played any role on the plot so I left out their name After receiving warnings and various signs to stay away from the Seahawk, Charlotte boarded it anyway. She met some of the crew and Zachariah. Zachariah gave Charlotte a dirk as an attempt to befriend her, but she denied. She was urged to keep the dirk, though. Theme (All in that order, too :D) Don't be fooled by authorative figures and place your entire trust upon them.
Also, go beyond your destined boundaries. (So inspiring!) Charlotte met the crew and the Captain, who she automatically regarded as a honorable man of dignity and immediately place all her trust in him. Zachariah told Charlotte of the Seahawk's dark past and how Captain Jaggery punished a former crew. Charlotte, however, regarded this as rubbish. Captain Jaggery invited Charlotte into his cabin for tea. She noticed that it was very sophisticated. He asked her to be his "eyes and ears" to the crew and for signs of mutiny. Jaggery explained that there will be times when he's harsh, but it's all to maintain order. When in the dark top cargo of the ship to get her stuff, Charlotte was shaken by a face carved into wood. She reassured herself that this was just another warning. Charlotte continued to live among the crew, eventually enough that she was trusted and accepted to fetch a needle for Mr. Ewing in the crew's quarter. While in the crew's quarter, Charlotte spotted a round robin and a pistol inside Mr. Ewing's chest, signs of mutiny. After questioning her loyalty between the crew and the captain, she decided to trust the man from her class and told of these signs to Captain Jaggery. Captain Jaggery was enraged by the signs of mutiny. With Mr. Hollybrass and Charlotte backing him, he set out with guns to crush the rebellion before it starts. Ooh! A twist in the plot! The Climax, the Turning Point Captain Jaggery, Mr. Hollybrass, and Charlotte went up deck, only to be met by the rebellious crew, armed, led by Mr. Cranick (who I assume you all have met by reading the characters list because you were supposed to read that first). The crew listed their grievances against Jaggery and demanded that he resign his position. Furious now, Captain Jaggery fired his weapon at Mr. Cranick, killing him. He shouted a warning to the rest of the crew and demanded they surrender. The crew, now frightened, gave up their weapons. Jaggery had Cranick's body thrown overboard. Captain Jaggery ordered for Zachariah to take the punishment for Cranick and receive 50 lashes. Charlotte finally realized Jaggery's rage and cruelty. She threw herself on him to stop him from his unfair punishment to Zachariah, injuring and humiliating Jaggery. He raised his hand to strike her, but only he retired to his cabin. Charlotte asked for Captain Jaggery's forgiveness, but rather he denied it and banned her from his cabin. She now turned to the crew's favor, but she learned that Zachariah had been "killed" (you'll learn about the reason for the quotes later). The Resolution, the Denouement, but since this is a double plot, another Conflict I know, right? I didn't expect this when I started the book either... After being rejected by the crew, Charlotte realized that the only way to win their trust now is to join the crew. A change in the Characters List after Part One Captain denounced Mr. Keetch for being involved in the mutiny. He demoted him and announced for Mr. Johnson to be the new 2nd mate. Rising Action Falling Action Woo hoo!! I'm done! Wait... What?!?! There's a Part Two that I have to do, too?!?! ... Fine here it is... Rising Action... For the second frickin' time By this time, I was too tired to even think about Part Two, so you can expect for the rest of this project to be garbage (it's pronounced gar-BAZHE). Haha, get it? "Twist"? Pfff, I'm killing myself over here!!!! Charlotte, in order to join the crew against Jaggery's will and gain their respect, must climb to the royal yard. Thinking about what she have done, she managed to prevail over the rocking ship and the winds. She climbed down to a cheering crew, now her own, and a stunned Captain Jaggery. She realized she have now given up her status as a lady passenger and is only now "Mr. Doyle", the crewmate. Now lost her privileges of her cabin and her lady-like rights, Charlotte struggled to prove herself a worthy crew, even with Jaggery testing her with numerous responsibilities and jobs. I will not make a sexist kitchen joke... I will not make a sexist kitchen joke. Look what you've done, Eduardo Cedeño!! Captain Jaggery, being the "genius" he is, commanded for the Seahawk to be sailed into a hurricane. No one liked that decision, not even Mr. Hollybrass. During the hurricane, the crew struggled with their life on the line to keep the Seahawk afloat. One of the sails came in danger of tearing and tipping the ship. Seeing this as a chance to test Charlotte, Jaggery ordered her to cut away the sail. The winds were blowing as if the skies lost its lungs, and the rain pounded the sail. Charlotte, with a knife, climbed up the mast. In order to keep her visibility, she hacked away her long hair. She was halfway done with her job when she lost her footing. Just as she was about to slip and fall, a face showed to help her. It was Zachariah. As she was still dumbfounded, she climbed down to the deck. She met up with the crew, who were staring at a dead body, that of Mr. Samuel Hollybrass. Charlotte's dirk wrapped around her hankerchief stuck out of him. The crew said nothing, as if out of fear, and returned to pull the ship out of the hurricane. Did you see how long that was?!?! Guess how long it took me? Too long!! Anyway, you may have now noticed that my layout is more cramped than that of the first part. That's because I never took this into mind when I drew the plot line. Charlotte was arrested for the alleged murder of Mr. Hollybrass. All the evidence pointed against her. She was taken to the brig where she met Zachariah. Zachariah told her of how he faked his death in order to bring Captain Jaggery to law when they're ashore. Charlotte informed him of the murder. The two traded information, but not for long before Captain Jaggery came to take Charlotte to trial. Charlotte Doyle stood trial before the captain and crew. Her expressions begged for defense from the crew, who held their tongues in fear. The trail commenced as Captain Jaggery bombarded Charlotte with rounds of unanswerable question, cornering her into a guilty verdict. She was sentenced to death by hanging within 24 hours on the account of murdering an officer. She was taken to the brig in awaiting of her death. Charlotte returned to the brig where she wept in misery and described the trial to Zachariah. Together, they've managed to come up with a theory that Jaggery killed Hollybrass to incriminate Charlotte. They came up with a plan to escape, steal Jaggery's guns, and start another mutiny. They announced the plan to Keetch and went ahead to proceed with it. Again with the twist!!! I've given up with the long titles so here's Climax Charlotte sneaked out to Jaggery's cabin. She was met, however, with Jaggery waiting for her. Keetch was Jaggery's mole from the beginning. Jaggery admitted to killing Hollybrass and gave her three choices, to return to being passenger, to return to being crew, or die. Choosing none of the above, Charlotte ran out to the deck with Captain Jaggery following her tail. Just as Jaggery was about to finish her, the ship plunged and threw him overboard. You know, the actual climax was just "Jaggery died". I ran out of room on the "rising action" and just had to squeeze the rest in there... Don't take away points for this! XP Falling Action... For the second frickin' time With Jaggery killed, the Seahawk chose Charlotte as their captain and sailed to Providence. Charlotte came to her parents' home. They were surprised by her now rough appearance. When Mr. Doyle read Charlotte's journal, he was so upset that he burned it along with her belongings. He then quarentined her from the rest of the family and forbade her to speak about her journey Zachariah talked with Charlotte the night before they reached the port. He said she was a very free spirited girl and should follow wherever fate takes her. The Seahawk reached Providence and Charlotte said her brief farewells to the crew. The Final Resolution For Good This Time (Thank goodness) After being restricted to a lady's life once again, Charlotte realized that her true fate was to be with the Seahawk. She escaped to her home, the Seahawk, and joined the crew again. You noticed how all the events are much farther apart now? So umm... yea, that's what I have for my Prezi project of the plot. I know I may have put too much humor and side notes in it, but don't penalize it, Mrs. Mahon. But... yea, that's where my 5 hou- I mean 2 week's worth of effort went! Before we start, I'm not gonna zoom any further into the picture just so that you can see so... yea, deal with it. Sources:
I know I used that picture like 3 kagillion times already (it's only 3), but it was just so AWESOME!!!
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